ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space

A new co-working space in the heart of the city by DWA Design Studio. The warm tones of the Xilo woods cover the wood paneling of the entrance hall and the cafeteria space

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02/08/2022 - The ALPI Xilo wood finishes are part of the innovative interiors at the new Wellio Duomo workspace building, open since April 2022 in the heart of Milan. The co-working complex offers multiple stimulating amenities to immerse guests in an environment that offers opportunity for contact with the outdoors and social interaction.
The interiors by DWA Design Studio aim to strengthen the visual and natural link with the city by employing materials and colours that create unity. 
Soft, welcoming shapes, large, open rooms with corners full of greenery, and the careful selection of design elements make Wellio a place where people find motivating surroundings and enjoy a connection to the city.
To create the eye-catching walls of the entrance foyer and cafeteria, DWA Design Studio selected the ALPI Xilo wood finishes curated by Piero Lissoni.
The ALPI Xilo collection features wood veneers possessing the intensity of nature. They reproduce the veining and hues of natural wood by means of a balanced chromatic scale of four tones positioned in order from light to dark. The collection is the expression of the exceptional creative process, artisanal meticulosity and design freedom found at ALPI. The unique personality of living wood is emphasised by replicating its natural appearances using innovative techniques and avant-garde technology studied by the ALPI research and development team.
Xilo White Striped from the Xilo collection is one of the veneers chosen for the Wellio interiors. Another is Xilo Cherry Honey Striped from the Xilo Cherry collection, which carries the original identity of cherry-wood while enhancing its aesthetic character. Piero Lissoni created this range based on an in-depth exploration of nuances with the aim of softening the reddish hue of traditional cherry, rendering it more contemporary. The result is composed of three different tints, each with its own overtone – pink, honey or amber.
The focal point of the Wellio Duomo entrance hall, visible from the street through generous windows, is a modern, geometrically patterned wood-panelled wall that forms a backdrop to the reception area. The warm tone-on-tone colour and marked veining of the luminous Xilo Cherry Honey Striped greets guests and gives the atmosphere an intensely comfortable and natural feel.
The same geometric subdivision is found in the wood panelling for the cafeteria, which is veneered with Xilo White Striped. Its lighter hues harmonise with the furniture, creating a Nordic design spirit.
The wall panelling at Wellio shows the versatility and attractiveness of ALPI wood, and how it can satisfy the requirements of all aesthetic approaches thanks to an extraordinary combination of craftsmanship, expertise and technology. It proves yet again how ALPI is the ideal partner when it comes to the creation of contemporary and refined interiors for the contract market.

ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space 2

ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space 3

ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space 4

ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space 5

ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space 6

ALPI Woods in the New Wellio Milano Duomo Space 7

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