Made-to-Measure Comfort: the New Auguste Bed by Tréca

On the occasion of Maison&Objet 2023, the historic French maison presents a new project dedicated to healthy and sustainable sleep

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16/01/2023 - On the occasion of Maison&Objet 2023 Tréca presents the new Auguste handcrafted bed. For the first time, the historic French house has created a bed in which the base, support mattress, mattress pad and overlay mattress are manufactured and sold as a single unit, guaranteeing made-to-measure comfort.
The new Tréca bed on show at Maison&Objet 2023 2

The new Tréca bed on show at Maison&Objet 2023

The Auguste handcrafted bed by Tréca

No detail is left to chance in Auguste's composition, starting with the nobility of the materials used. The sprung base, invented by Tréca, incorporates wool and horsehair to ensure comfort and support.
The main mattress, known as the support mattress, is 30 cm thick and contains pocket springs to ensure support and independence of sleeping. The addition of wool as a central reinforcement provides more comfort for people sleeping on their sides.
Instead of a white side strip, the Tréca seamstresses show their great talent by covering the sides of the mattress with the same decorative fabric as the slatted base to make this bed a real work of art.
In order to make sure that the fabric of the slatted base connects perfectly with the main mattress, the seamstresses have made a large number of stitches in the pattern by hand to invisibly pad the fabric to the mattress strip and the slatted base.
Auguste bed, detail 3

Auguste bed, detail

In addition to the support mattress, Auguste handcrafted bed has a welcome mattress. Its core is also made up of two layers of mini-pocket springs for customised support. Great care is taken with the materials used to fill the mattress. On the winter side, Royal Alpaca and Merino d'Arles wool (the most prestigious French wool used by Tréca) ensure warmth and softness, while the silk and Merino d'Arles wool on the summer side ensure optimal temperature regulation.
The overlay enhances the softness of the bed and makes it even softer. To ensure the stability of the whole, the overlay is attached to the mattress with embroidered leather handles.
Each mattress is fully and laterally upholstered, preventing any material from shifting. A task accomplished with dexterity by the three experts in the workshops who master the technique of hand-tied upholstery. The mattresses and overlays can be decorated with embroidery according to the customer's wishes.
The expertise of the Tréca embroiderers and seamstresses is finally expressed in the unparalleled tapestry work on the Gressey headboard, created in collaboration with the designer Charles Tassin.
The "Fleurs d'Eau" fabric signed by Pierre Frey, inspired by Egyptian art and produced in collaboration with the Louvre Museum, is adorned with delicate handmade embroidery. Decorators, interior architects and private individuals can also choose their decor from the new collection of around one hundred fabrics selected by Pierre Frey.
Tréca is also a story of love and respect for materials. Through the Ressource programme, the brand is committed to using only non-toxic materials, natural materials that respect the environment in order to provide a healthy and sustainable sleep.

Auguste bed by Tréca 4

Auguste bed by Tréca

Auguste bed, detail 5

Auguste bed, detail

Auguste bed, headboard detail 6

Auguste bed, headboard detail

Auguste handcrafted bed by Tréca 7

Auguste handcrafted bed by Tréca

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