The Bedroom, a Multifunctional Space that Dreams Big

For the special project, Unboxing Salone 2022, Bolzan Letti, Flou and Poliform discuss how the bedroom has changed over the last two years

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12/05/2022 - Since the world shrunk down to the domestic scale for everyone, bedroom furniture has witnessed a silent revolution. The bedroom has been transformed from a confined space devoted to quiet and relaxation to a fluid multifunctional space that broadens its horizons. A new opportunity to carve out an intimate thinking space where people can rest, study, work, work, or meditate.
Reimagining domestic space became a necessity and a valuable opportunity over the last two years. Home is no longer just a place to return to after a busy day, but is now dedicated to activities from working to exercising to socialising. Between sleeping and living areas, dining rooms and study corners,  spaces have become increasingly flexible and their functions more fluid and transformable.
Let's get some perspective from some of the world's top bedroom experts.
Journalist Cristina Kiran Piotti discusses the topic in an editorial published for Unboxing Salone 2022, the special project promoted by Salone del Mobile.Milano. The Made-in-Italy brands Bolzan Letti, Flou and Poliform provide some valuable insight.
The Bedroom, a Multifunctional Space that Dreams Big 2

"The lockdown prompted us to rethink our sleeping space. The bedroom has become a place to study, work, and meet up – and not only at night," says Elisabetta Bolzan, who founded Bolzan Letti with her mother, Emilia, in the early 1990s. "The bedroom has adapted to our new rhythms. From a room to rest in, it has become a space for remote work. Which is why we added a series of ergonomically-integrated accessories".

From space-saving desks to integrated night tables, Bolzan sleeping area solutions have evolved with the needs emerging from this unprecedented period. Among the new 2022 releases are products pursuing the goal of sustainability. They include the revisitation of the Flag bed; new Gabri models by Matteo Zorzenoni; Marti by studio e-ggs; brand new daybeds; and a collection of bed linen.
The Bedroom, a Multifunctional Space that Dreams Big 3

The new Flou bedroom proposals lean into spatial fluidity. "For several years, we have no longer adhered to the logic of separate rooms," explains the brand's president, Massimiliano Messina. "A home is now a multifunctional unit, and its furnishing must be approached as a whole". The new products that will be shown in Milan move in this direction. "We are creating collections that bring a common aesthetic to the entire home - from the bedroom to the living room and the outdoors, focusing on comfort and well-being," Messina continues. "A great example is the Gaudí collection, designed by Matteo Nunziati, which includes beds, sofas and armchairs in indoor and outdoor versions".
The Bedroom, a Multifunctional Space that Dreams Big 4

For Poliform, the key to understanding today’s bedroom needs and looking to its future is flexibility. "Lightness and modularity - and transparency, of course - are concepts that have always been part of the Poliform DNA," says Giovanni Anzani, brand CEO. "Today, the evolution of Poliform furnishings and those concepts find their flawless expression in Lexington, a system with a strong architectural character designed by Jean-Marie Massaud".

On show at the upcoming Salone del Mobile.Milano, the Lexington bedroom system is characterised by uprights to which shelves, drawers and other accessories are attached to create bookcase systems in the living room and a walk-in closet in the sleeping area. The result is the total integration of different domestic spaces.
Check out all the news about the next edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano in the Unboxing Salone 2022 special project. https://www.salonemilano.it/en/unboxing-salone-2022
The Bedroom, a Multifunctional Space that Dreams Big 5

The Bedroom, a Multifunctional Space that Dreams Big 6

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