The bold, tranquil Oksen makes a comeback

Republic of Fritz Hansen relaunched the lounge chair by Arne Jacobsen

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The bold, tranquil Oksen makes a comeback
30/05/2017 - Republic of Fritz Hansen is pleased to announce the relaunch of the distinctive Oksen lounge chair by Arne Jacobsen. Known for the organic, soft lines that characterise such iconic works as the Swan and the Ant chairs, Arne Jacobsen surprised design connoisseurs all over the world with his 1966 unveiling of the Oksen. Reflecting its name - which means 'the bull' in Danish - the Oksen was big, bold and powerful.
Bold form takes centre stage
Fritz Hansen introduces the Oksen by Arne Jacobsen: a luxurious lounge chair conceived to elevate any lounge setting in private homes and corporate offices. Unlike many of Jacobsen's other designs, the Oksen was not intended for a specific architectural protect, but was rather the result of years of design experimentation. The chair was considered quite rare among connoisseurs due to its short original production period as well as its controversial, powerful expression: the voluminous Oksen radiates edge and personality and, like its predecessor, the Egg, inhabits a room like no one else.

Jacobsen spent no fewer than five years developing the Oksen. In contrast to many of his earlier pieces, which are characterised by rounded, organic shapes, this lounge chair is notable for its much sharper silhouette. Always seeking to surprise the public, Jacobsen repeatedly returned to the Oksen project starting in 1962 and until the final version took shape in 1966. The result was not only the largest but also one of the most characteristic choirs Jacobsen ever designed. Clearly inspired by American recliner chairs, the Oksen also reflects profound Germanic and Japanese influences.

The design can also be viewed as Jacobsen's counter-reaction to the common perception of him as a designer focused on soft, sculptural form. While sculptural in its own way, the Oksen is notable for its completely different, angular form. It is designed in a style that positions it between the soft and organic works from Jacobsen's Hotel Royal project, among those, the Egg, the Swan and the Dropn" chairs — and the more geometric Oxford  office chair, designed for the professors at St. Catherine's College in Oxford.

Christian Andresen, Head of Design at Fritz Hansen, says, "To me, the Oksen   is one of the most distinctive Arne Jacobsen designs and shows the great range of his talent. The precise and almost geometric design of the chair is unique, demonstrating that Jacobsen dared more than most others at the lime. This is also why the chair is, in my opinion, a true Fritz Hansen product. Both fascinating and commanding, the Oksen is o true classic", he ends.

For a superior Oksen experience, Fritz Hansen's Design & Development team has enhanced the choir to meet today's ergonomic and seating standards while keeping the original design. The chair's modernisation for 2017 meant increasing the height of the back by 5-7 centimetres and slimming the front armrest by 2-3 centimetres.

One of the peculiarities of the Oksen's history is that Arne Jacobsen did not leave behind any drawings of the choir. The 2017 design was developed by analysing an Oksen museum piece that could not be touched, making the Oksen redesign o challenge — and a journey into Arne Jacobsen's design mindset.

Whilst the chair appears graphical and almost facetted when viewed from the back and sides, the seating part is soft and will grow even softer with time, just as the chair slowly ages with beauty. The Oksen features the original, recognisable Arne Jacobsen 5-stor base. Adding the matching footstool will deliver the complete, bold and exceptional Oksen experience.
The lounge chair will be available in Fritz Hansen Concept Stores and select dealers around the world from October 2017.

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