The Chameleon Among Upholstered Furniture

Sofa system Curt by AMBIVALENZ - quick-change artist thanks to the modular system

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09/25/2020 - A sofa is a sofa? Not anymore. Today, flexible seat cushions are in demand that can be combined just as you need them. Here comes the Curt sofa system, a flexible, changeable modular furniture - the specialty of German manufacturer AMBIVALENZ.
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Our products are not made for just one purpose, but for all areas of living, working and hosting. They adapt to the users needs and thus make everyday life easier”, says Managing Director Malte Grieb. This concept does not only work perfectly with his Fläpps system of shelves, tables and chairs. The Curt sofa system is also proving to be a great quick-change artist: innovative upholstery elements, designed by Malte Grieb and designer Joa Herrenknecht according to the modular system, offer endless possibilities for variation.
Curt is certainly the most ambivalent sofasystem in the world. Anyone who can make a decision here is probably a bit odd. Curt creates lustful indecision. Who wants to make a decision when so many options are still waiting to be tried out?
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Curt is probably also the simplest sofasystem in the world. There is only one modular form, a pouf. If you connect these invariable modules via the patent pending connection system, sofas can be created in every imaginable configuration. Infinite possibilities. And can be changed at any time into any imaginable configuration.
Curt is probably also the most flexible sofasystem in the world. It is not only the combination of the modules that allows infinite variations. Curt‘s cover, can be dismantled into two parts, allowing a play of colours that has never been seen before.
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No connection is for eternity. Shortterm bonds are common practice, now even for sofas. If you had enough of one, the hook is easily released and ready for a new configuration. An adjustable strap with two simple hooks. This is Curts belt. There are three attachment loops on each side of the module and four on the back for hooking in. That‘s how fast Curt bonds again and again and again.
Hard to believe but true. This infinite variety is created by only one single modular form. A cuboid with a square base whose height is half the length of its sides. In addition 16 hidden connection loops, only visible when needed. So simple, so infinite.
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The cover of Curt is Also rather unusual. Two rectangles, formed into a U, which can be joined and divided with a full length zipper. Removable, exchangeable, dividable, combinable and easy to clean. One red and one blue module become two red blue modules.
Curt scores in the contract sector. The modular system offers architects and interior designers the opportunity to plan upholstered furniture tailored to the respective project and the given space, be it a hotel room, lobby or lounge.
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With its modular system and 'mix-and-match' covers, Curt is more than just a sofa or a seating area, it is the chameleon among upholstered furniture.

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