The Colours of Nature in True Design New Proposals

New proposals to furnish offices, domestic workstations, public and private spaces

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The Colours of Nature in True Design New Proposals
06/12/2017 - The True Design 2018 collection is characterized by the palette inspired by the shades of nature, which True mixes together to create colorful working environments and domestic workstations in public and private spaces. Designed to gather different kinds of products and explore hybrid areas on the border between working environments, collective spaces and private interiors, the collection combine functionality and comfort with a contemporary design and a great attention to details, materials and the chromatic palette.

WING - design Parisotto+Formenton – Winner of the Archiproducts Design Awards 2017
Wing is a table created for working areas, but it can also fit inside a home-office or domestic environment. It is characterized by a wooden frame inspired by the sawhorse of the working tables, and the rounded shape of the top with its contemporary lines. Defined by great flexibility, Wing can be completed with acoustic panels, a brass reading lamp and wooden or metal trays that are installed on the large central channel through a magnetic fixing system. Power supply and cable management are allocated on the same central channel.

NOT - design Giona Scarselli + Gaia Giotti
A wide shell embraces the seat in a warm hug. The seams define the soft lines, giving it an elegant and versatile look. Suitable for conference hall and relax spaces of hotel and domestic environments.

ARCA - design Orlandini Design
Coming from Studio Orlandini’s inspiration, Arca defines a new concept of armchair for lounges and waiting areas, available in 3 backrest heights, which can be combined to many base typologies. The standard option, with low backrest, is ideal for quick waiting areas, large meeting rooms, while the medium back option, with backrest cushion, gives more prestige and comfort to the armchair. The High version gives the unique touch of design to this collection, with its embracing backrest for a break of full relaxation. Arca perfectly traces the new concept of “Smart Lounge”, where waiting moments become great occasions for reflection, working or relaxing on the Internet.

KAY - design Leonardo Rossano
The swivel chair Kay, designed by Leonardo Rossano for True Design, comes from the combination of two simple elements of bent plywood. The seat wraps the armrests giving the illusion of a soft padding structural function. The result of this playful use of the materials is a nonchalant elegant chair that can be used in waiting and relaxation areas in offices or in an office zone in private spaces.

True Design on ARCHIPRODUCTSThe Colours of Nature in True Design New Proposals

The Colours of Nature in True Design New Proposals

The Colours of Nature in True Design New Proposals

The Colours of Nature in True Design New Proposals

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