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13/01/2014 - For Flou, sleeping well is an essential ingredient in an improvement in the quality of life. It is an important component in a living culture expressed through every product and injected into every phase of production. It is an ensemble of values and a legacy of choices that join forces to define the company and its responsibility. The objective is top quality based on production excellence with manufacturing methods that respect health and safeguard the environment. At Imm Cologne, Flou presents the latest collections and the innovative solutions dedicated to wellness and sleeping.
Total Body is the most advanced expression of Flou’s technology applied to wellness and sleeping. It is an innovative system consisting of a mattress and a 4-seasons duvet; together they form a nest-like cocoon where blood circulation is improved and the body wallows in superior wellness. The revolutionary aspect lies with the filling used in all of the Flou mattresses; thanks to a newly-conceived fiber consisting of bioceramic particles and silver ions, this innovative product has extraordinary heat-regulating properties. Heat is distributed evenly over the body, the capillaries distend, fluid retention is reduced and the general blood circulation improves. The benefits are immediate: toxins will be excreted more easily from the body, recovery from trauma and stress will be more rapid, the mood on awakening will be brighter and the energy levels will be right for tackling the day ahead.
The Adaptive mattress developed from maximized technology applied to ergonomics and comfort. Thanks to the visco-elastic materials used in the manufacture and the 4-layers of filling, this mattress guarantees excellent levels of adaptability for sleeping partners with very different body types. The product is based on an innovative arrangement: the first two layers are in contact with the body, the other two support the body in a gradual and differentiated manner. It optimizes the support for the body. Besides, the removable external cover coupled with the Total Body filling, improves heat regulation and transpiration. Adaptive was developed to guarantee revitalizing wellness and adapts to the body shape, allowing it to absorb freshness and energy.
Comfort is an innovative system consisting of the bed base and the mattress, designed by Flou to change how you sleep. In order to do this, Flou identified the materials, selecting only the most exclusive ones; it examined the volumes associated with four layers of padding, and intervened on the finishes. The mattress consists of different layers. The base on the other hand has an open structure, with fir heartwood slats; this is topped with two layers of individually-pouched springs, covered with high-transpiration threedimensional fabric. The base combines esthetics and wellness and has completely removable external fabric or leather covers. It can be used with several headboards in the Flou range. In the Comfort system, the extraordinary adaptability of the mattress is enhanced by the perfect recirculation of air guaranteed by the base. The base dissipates any damp and guarantees perfect hygiene to ensure that wellness continues throughout the night.
The parent of all textile beds; its bows are unmistakeable. Headboard upholstered and padded, like the base, with fabric, leather or Ecopelle covers that can be completely removed thanks to the practical Velcro fasteners; it can also be reclined with a manual mechanism. The cushion-covers of the headboard allow the pillows to be stored and protected from dust. Available with rigid base, box -spring base Comfort, storage base, fixed base h 25 cm. or h 16 cm. and with electrical movements.
This is the perfect combination of sofa and bed; PiazzaDuomo provides versatile solutions for the problems of space with a dash of contemporary elegance. A new living concept that demonstrates how easy it is to convert the lounge into a bedroom, with a product that is not the traditionally classic sofa-bed, but a sofa that can be easily transformed into a single or double-size bed and in the same way it returns to the original position.
The base and the headboard of this bed have been completely and softly upholstered; the bed has been produced under the banner of tradition, craftwork and clean lines. Available with box -spring base Comfort, fixed base h 25 cm., storage base and with electrical movements. The removable covers – coupled with filling that accentuates the softness - can be selected from Flou’s collection of fabrics, leathers and Ecopelle.
Transformable bed of simple elegant design. Structure with completely removable fabric, leather or Ecopelle covers thanks to the practical Velcro fasteners. Available with fixed bed-base. Single bed which can be joined by a trundle bed fitted with a gas piston mechanism that allows it to be raised easily to the height of the first bed. Thanks to two special rubber - coated steel blocks, the two beds can be joined together to form a double-size bed. Completed by an elegant seat cover, pillow-covers and roll cushions, it can be customized with the addition of a backrest.
With its stylish presence, Ermes epitomizes the skills of the Master craftsmen of the industrious Brianza district, north of Milan. These experts are famous for their ability to process wood and create furniture. The elegance of this piece is exalted by the wide edge in Canaletto walnut heartwood, polished with a traditional or natural finish. It surrounds the headboard and the upholstered base with removable covers in fabric, leather or Ecopelle, decorated with top stitching. The bed is available as a double-size bed, and with two different types of headboard: the first is tall and as wide as the bed base; the second is shorter and extends beyond the sides of the bed. Available with box -spring base Comfort, with slatted mattress support with rigidity adjustment, with electric movements and electric/manual combined or with storage base.
Two-drawer nighttable in three different sizes in traditional or natural Canaletto walnut. Top in the open or closed version available in the marble finishes: Gold Calacatta, Beige Corallo, Grey veined Orobico. The version with open top can be supplied with led (sensor on the right or left side). Drawers fitted with a return mechanism. Three-drawer chest, natural or traditional Canaletto walnut, top available in marble finish: Gold Calacatta, Beige Corallo, Grey veined Orobico. Drawers fitted with a return mechanism.
Series of furniture accessories consisting of chest-of-drawers, night-table and tallboy with scratch-resistant surface Style or Epoque. The elegance of these accessories with their flush trim and totally extractable drawers with soft closing device is further enhanced in the variant with visible handles in heartwood.
The wardrobes Guardaroba 16.32 were the result of a precise pathway, with the starting point being the usability of the spaces. It proceeds through the high quality of the finishes and terminates with the total freedom of choice for the doors, the fittings, the fabrics, the materials and the colors to create a wardrobe according to one’s style and emotions. Maximum care has been given to the smallest details and the range is based on multiple modularity of 16 cm and a wide range of fabrics, materials and interior accessories: from the drawer units to the light shelves, from the hide boxes to the jewelry compartments.


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