The Faces Behind Archiproducts Milano 2018

The project of the new setting made by more designers. Let’s hear what our designers have to say!

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The Faces Behind Archiproducts Milano 2018
03/05/2018 - The new setting of Archiproducts Milano took shape between new and well-established cooperations, this year with a project carried out by more designers. Among them there are those who redesigned the façade pattern, those who designed the image of a space where more brands could communicate one another, those who studied a real installation, those who designed the collections hosted in the renewed setting of the building.

Elisa Ossino Studio, Christophe De La Fontaine, Studio Milo, Matt Lorrain, Iratzoki Lizaso, Sebastian Herkner, Marc Thorpe, Studio Zaven, Atelier Barda, Atelier Zebulon Perron, d’Armes, Lambert & Fils tell us about their personal contribution to the 2018 edition of the project.

The new façade pattern, designed by the Elisa Ossino Studio, visually translates the idea of ‘filing’. A concept that, in different forms, is proposed in three other spaces of the building designed by the Elisa Ossino’s team: the stairs bringing to the upper floor, the long corridor and the big hall on the first floor. A path in which the concepts of ‘filing’ and ‘serial nature’ are translated into a combination of geometries and colours, constantly reminding of perceptive plays between a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional vision.

The Saba space offers an experience you can completely dive in. Designed on a project by Studio Milo, colour is the leit motif of the setting. Alessandra Santi - Communication Manager at Saba Italia – and the founders of Studio Milo Federica Gosio and Arianna Crosetta tell us how the project of fitting out the Saba space took shape. For this edition it welcomes the unprecedented versions of the New York Suite sofa covered with fabrics especially designed by the Sardinian fashion designer Antonio Marras.

Christophe De La Fontaine, who, together with his wife Aylin Langreuter, is the founder of the young German brand Dante Goods and Bads, tells us how he interpreted the concept of three-dimensionality in designing the Dante space in co-branding with Cedit and One Mario Sirtori.

There is no doubt about the inspiration of the new materials and colours experimented in the project by Christophe De La Fontaine. All this is exhibited in the ceramics collection Cedit designed by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno of the Zaven Studio. The very designers tell us about their project.

Matt Lorrain, designer and founder of the young Australian brand Sp01, describes the concept he imagined for this new edition of Archiproducts Milano, in a space subdivided into three different settings hosting the new collections designed by Tim Rundle.

Azamit, the charming and talentous style icon and visual storyteller for Montreal, presents the project 'In Toto x Montréal a Milano’, a homage to the contemporary design of the Canadian city, ‘so wonderfully tormented and pervaded with post-industrial melancholy’. Azamit tells us that she selected for Archiproducts Milano seven designers in whose works echoes the soul of the city. Among them, Atelier Zébulon PerronD’ArmesForaine by Atelier Barda and Lambert et Fils, that tell us about the works presented in Milan.

Jean Louis Iratzoki and Ander Lizaso, designers of the Alki products hosted in the biggest room on the first floor, explain how their collections are perfect for Archiproducts Milano, as they are conceived for welcoming working spaces, between working and living.

This year Archiproducts Milano has also hosted Sebastian Herkner, who presented the new chair designed for Thonet, selected for the 2018 layout. A reinterpretation of the classic piece designed by Michael Thonet at the half of the 19th century, for which the designer took his inspiration from the rich tradition of the German brand.

Marc Thorpe took part in the collection of small sofas, chairs and tables ‘Tout le Jour’ designed for Horm. Winner of the 2016 edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards, the collection has been selected by Archiproducts for the 2018 edition of the Design Experience at via Tortona No. 31.
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