The First Saba Showroom in Milan

A historic building designed by Mario Bellini hosts a fluid and welcoming space

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23/04/2021 - Saba inaugurates its first space in Milan. The showroom, nested in the historic neighborhood of Brera, opened its doors as spring began to bloom. A dynamic yet contained space, for everchanging furniture and set-ups, a fluid and inclusive location, in constant dialogue with art and its surroundings. 
The chromatic palette of its interior, that spans from a delicate blush pink to a dove grey, contrasts harmoniously with its exterior. In fact, the building that contains it, designed by Italian architect Mario Bellini, is predominantly glass and varnished steel.
The First Saba Showroom in Milan 2

The circular elements in the space, starting with the entrance, make way for the thin fil- rouge of hospitality: round forms lacking edges that allude to the idea of connection and comfort, just like Saba’s latest designs.
The First Saba Showroom in Milan 3

The chosen artwork for this first set-up speaks a language dear to Saba, for its matter, geometry, sensibility and color.
“UN.limited” is the title of the collection of works adorning the walls designed by Ilaria Franza. UN.limited, like the infinite that surpasses the gaze becoming the horizon; an inner landscape that changes into a continuous cycle, made of gestures that by repeating themselves, transform the perception of the object itself.
A path similar to the way Saba imagines its projects, made to be loved for a long time because, through infinite possibilities of change, they keep seduction alive. Through transformation they have the power of recreating geographies.
The showroom is open exclusively to industry professionals by appointment only, please send an email t [email protected]

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