The Form of Light

ANDlight at Euroluce and Archiproducts Milano

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The Form of Light
15/03/2019 - Canadian luminaire design and manufacturer ANDlight returns to Milan this year for its first appearance at Euroluce, the lighting Biennale hosted by Salone Internazionale del Mobile. In addition to showing a retrospect of its work, the company is unveiling three new collections designed by Design Academy Eindhoven alumnus Lukas Peet, and Canadian designer Caine Heintzman.

The Pebble series, the Array series, and the Vale series stylishly balance a profound study of form and function creating innovative yet timeless statement pieces that truly represent the brand’s stated purpose. Spotlight by ANDlight

Spotlight by ANDlight

For its showcase at Euroluce, ANDlight’s creative director Lukas Peet has sculpted a space where each one of the series displays its potential for endless possibilities. The grey toned palette of the booth makes for a muted space that best displays the collection as it remains atemporal and visionary. The inherent versatility of ANDlight’s designs allows for surprising yet refined variations in form, finish and material, fulfilling a wide range of applications shown throughout the exhibition.

ANDlight will also be at Archiproducts Milano during Fuorisalone. Located at via Tortona 31, the space reinvents itself every year for architects, designers, brands and the public to meet, design, build, and furnish together.

The Pebble series celebrates the beautiful qualities of stones. Enhancing their simple yet sculptural form through translucency, two glass blown shapes come to dialogue together. Pebble by ANDlight

Pebble by ANDlight

Designer Lukas Peet explains: ‘The initial inspiration for the series was the inherent beauty of river rocks—seemingly simple, the complexity of their form and how they interact are the result of thousands of years of sculpting by nature. Glass blowing was an interesting process to utilize for this idea. I wanted to allow these primordial shapes to glow—adding to their profoundness and giving them a soul’.

The result is a seemingly bespoke fixture—evolving in shape from different angles. Always a combination of a large and small form, each with four possibilities for finishes, the Pebble allows for the individual to extract their own selection. Opaque, translucent, glossy, etched or varying in color—the range of finishes honors the diverse qualities of pebbles found in nature. The Pebble series offers a double glass pendant as well as a single glass sconce version.

From bright to dim, the Array series diffuses light as an ambient aura. Technical yet minimal, it curiously shines light upon its circular panels, resulting in a graceful diffusion of texture and subtle gradation of light. Much like the sun strikes light on the moon's surface, the indirect illumination brings attention to the material of the fixture itself, becoming an object of contemplation. Array by ANDlight

Array by ANDlight

The starting point for the Array collection was a subtle indirect light fixture. The fixture’s methodical form and orderly rhythm is contrasted by the subtly textured and seemingly disorderly natural stone-like finish. The Array family is quite technical, yet pure and minimal in the end’, says Lukas Peet.

Systematically placed in equilibrium along an ovoid extrusion, bespoke LED boards and spun aluminum reflectors come together as one to light up a space. The fixture comes as a single or multiple linear fixture adjusting to its surroundings. Available in multiple finishes, the components interact and behave with expression—while remaining a pure and function-focused fixture that can be used throughout the day in a wide range of environments. The fixture comes as a single or multiple head linear pendant.

The Pivot series is an invitation to shape light. Balanced on an opalescent globe, a shade casts directional downlight and constant uplight while articulating on the light source itself. Playful and interactive, the table light allows for easy adjustments and dimming control. Pivot by ANDlight

Pivot by ANDlight

Peet’s design process was very user-oriented for this piece: ‘The idea for the Pivot was to create a friendly and approachable table light that was based on a number of functional elements. The shade ‘pivots’ on the glass light source, allowing for directional downlight and constant uplight. The cord length can be adjusted by simply wrapping or unwrapping it around the base underneath the fixture.

The pivoting mechanism is enhanced by its large spherical dimming knob. The scale and materiality of the components encourage tactility and for the user to approach the fixture in an empirical way.

The Vale series crystallizes light in its transitional state. The undulating profile of the lens translates emitted light to a striking gradient, while its prismatic surface further carries light across, creating a soft hue and ambient diffusion. Vale by ANDlight

Vale by ANDlight

Caine Heintzman recalls: ‘Dynamism, created by juxtaposing light with a wave-like contour fuelled the initial research. Exploring scale, pitch and frequency and various materials helped settle for the most effective and interesting radiance. Focused specifically on the lens of the luminaire—the process development determined form and functionality as it needed to be lightweight and translucent, yet able to create volume'.

Technically intricate, Vale optimizes functionality through its multidirectional luminescence. The fixture may suspend horizontally and vertically, singularly and plurally – its compound curves oscillating with further confidence as they are repeated. The Vale series is available as a single pendant and surface mount.

Inspired by spotlights, the Spotlight Volumes Series is based on four unique shade profiles which combine in various ways. While designed with a modern silhouette, the inspiration is based on a classic shape, giving the fixture a timeless air. Spotlight by ANDlight

Spotlight by ANDlight

Designed by Lukas Peet, the Spotlight floor lamp, joining the ranks of the pendant and table light versions, broadens application possibilities for the series as it stands in round on its own:

I wanted to expand on the strong silhouette and character of the Spotlight Volumes series of pendants, ceilings and table lights. The elongated proportions of the base combined with any of the four top shades give it architectural stature, thus resulting in a dimmable uplight floor lamp. The adaptation of the concept to a floor lamp came as a logical extension to the series, as versatility remains one of the key focuses of the development’.

ANDlight on ArchiproductsSpotlight by ANDlight

Spotlight by ANDlight

Pebble by ANDlight

Pebble by ANDlight

Array by ANDlight

Array by ANDlight

The Form of Light

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