The Future Is Big

Lucie Koldova shares her thoughts on Designblok 2019

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The Future Is Big
28/10/2019 - The 21st annual Designblok has chosen the future as its central theme. The future of art. The future of design. It has all been experienced the past few days at Výstaviště Praha. 

For this year’s edition of the largest festival of design and fashion in the Czech Republic, Brokis has teamed up with its art director Lucie Koldova as the main partner for her central hall installation called Designérie. Among other things, visitors have been the opportunity to stroll beneath a unique cosmic cloud of handblown Big One lights. Lucie Koldova shares her thoughts on Designblok 2019.

Lucie, what inspired you to design the cosmic cloud at the very heart of Designérie? What kind of lights can visitors to Designérie see? 
The theme of Designérie is the universe and the future, that is, a vision of the universe and the future as such. To portray the universe, I’ve used lights that call to mind small planets and shining stars. Simple forms, bright reflections, celestial bodies bearing upon one another, cores and shells fading in and out… It’s something that evokes the universe and the galaxy.

The primary light comprising the central installation – the cosmic cloud – is Big One. The cosmic cloud is made up of smaller and larger planets with levitating luminous cores. The more complicated the installation and its assembly, the more powerful the resulting effect. Just like in the universe, everything is radiant and bright from a distance, but at the same time it’s also very complex.

Another key product at Designblok, Capsule, can be seen in the Vitra installation. Here again, we have a mass orbiting around an inner body. That signifies physical reciprocation, and it’s something I’ve been interested in for several years and have been developing with Brokis since 2014. Finally, there’s IVY, the newest organic product of 2019.

How long have you been working on the Designérie project, and what approach have you taken?
I’ve been working on it for nine months now. It’s become something of a child to me, which is how it was with the Das Haus project in Germany. My main focus is designing products right down to the smallest of details, but this was a huge space open to the general public. So, I took that as a challenge. I wanted to get Brokis even more involved in Designblok and create a spectacular installation to bring the brand closer to visitors. This is the very first time we see such an exclusive cloud of light by Brokis opening the gates to bespoke projects.

What else at Designérie are you looking forward to?
Each zone within Designérie is unique and different, despite the fact that everything is unified by means of hanging disks dividing the space of the individual zones. In addition to the cosmic cloud, I’m looking forward to the universe module, a newly designed rocket, and another symbol of light in it, Puro Fire – fire transformed into light. What I’m most looking forward to, however, is a productive discussion on the main stage about the future.

What do you see as the light of the future?
For me, the light of the future isn’t found only in advanced technologies and special materials but namely in the constant propagation and sustainment of our authentic Bohemian glassmaking history. It’s the real added value of people without the overuse of robots… The people who make a light a light and by so doing cultivate our cultural heritage. To me, that’s the future, not only with regard to light. Let’s not take the human factor out of the equation.

Over the course of the last year, Lucie Koldova, the long-standing art director at Brokis, has garnered considerable media attention with accolades such as the Designer of the Year 2018 award, which she received from Czech Grand Design.

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