The Gervasoni Bedroom

Comfort, material research and attention to detail: beds and sofa beds with removable covers, bedside tables, armchairs and accessories by Paola Navone

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28/01/2022 - Comfort, material research and attention to detail: the Gervasoni bedroom focuses on through a range of versatile products suitable for any type of home. Beds and sofa beds with removable covers are accompanied by bedside tables, armchairs and accessories designed for different spaces and lifestyles, making the bedroom area functional and dynamic. The proposals of the Loll, Double, Open and LC collections designed by Paola Navone.
The soft, inviting contours of the LOLL collection, underscored, like a delicate line drawn freehand, by the cut-and-sew profile, cross the boundaries of the sleeping area with the new LOLL 80 bed. The dismountable bed frame, featuring a lightweight removable cover that seems to skim the ground, is paired with a comfortable upholstered headboard. Available in various sizes from the standard double bed to the queen or king-size versions, it also comes with an optional storage compartment.
The Gervasoni Bedroom 2

Soft, reassuring shapes that invite relaxation distinguish Double, an upholstered bed with a removable cover that belongs to the Beds collection, designed to meet the most varied rest requirements. Featuring a large headboard with two large oversized cushions, Double is a textile bed with a classic appeal. It is available with visible solid wood feet in natural walnut, black, white, grey, ocean or dove grey, as well as an optional open-bottom cover down to the ground.
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When it comes to transformative, versatile furniture, Open is certainly the perfect product. A family of sofa beds with a headboard and backrests available in different solutions thanks to the foldaway bed with wooden slatted base, which can be easily pulled out using the power-assisted mechanism, providing an additional single bed. The ultimate furniture for welcoming guests, it is suitable for various rooms in the home.
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The bedroom area is completed by the LC 48 bedside table, the epitome of exceptional visual lightness, thanks to the steel rod legs with a white or grey matt finish which seem to trace out waves, combined with the natural Canaletto walnut, black, white, grey, ocean or dove grey top. Two rectangular wooden shelves in different sizes, one higher and one lower, increase the storage options for this furnishing accessory.
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The sleeping area is completed by functional furniture, such as the LC 24 armchair, which harmoniously combines different materials. It is characterised by a compact, yet cosy design with feet in natural Canaletto walnut, black, white, grey, ocean or dove grey, and a removable cover made of fabric or faux leather with cut-and-sew stitching.
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