The Joy of Light: Preciosa @ Euroluce

The new Siren table lamp shines among classic collection pieces

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The Joy of Light: Preciosa @ Euroluce
13/03/2019 - Preciosa Lighting will be at Euroluce during Milan Design Week.2019 showcasing a selection of its collections, featuring both chandeliers and solitaires. The brand will also be introducing its new Siren table lamp.

The objects will be displayed through dynamic and interactive lighting designs which express Preciosa’s vision to connect people through light. Visitors will delight in a set of four playful contemporary installations featuring interactive moments and sophisticated dynamic light technology. Carousel of Light - Preciosa @ Euroluce 2019

Carousel of Light - Preciosa @ Euroluce 2019

The installations are: Carousel of Light, a composition of nearly 8000 spheres of light; Breath of Light invites visitors to breath into sensors that light up the installation’s bubbles of light; Pearl Drop recalls the connection between light and jewelry through sophisticated combinations of glass and metal; and Pearl Wave is a chandelier of 700 opal spheres that invoke the shape of ocean waves. Siren table lamp by Preciosa

Siren table lamp by Preciosa

The Siren table lamp brings intrigue to a space with its playful inversion of the classical bell shape. The two layers of bells give the light a special gradient of color not often found in a typical table lamp. Available in four color schemes, the lamp can also be customized with clear or frosted glass which again creates a different atmosphere.


Eugene (historic) Eugene Historic by Preciosa

Eugene Historic by Preciosa

A classic glass-arm Bohemian chandelier from the original 18th-century workshop of Josef Palme. What makes this chandelier so remarkable is its clear, modern simplicity—the central elements, arms and candleholders are free of ornament, making for a startling silhouette of timeless elegance and unrivalled poise.

Rudolf (contemporary) Rudolf Contemporary by Preciosa

Rudolf Contemporary by Preciosa

The contemporary version of Rudolf offers its historic grandeur slightly softened by the pearly tones of satin glass. Complemented by fresh colour accents in the form of lampshades, it offers a more gentle statement piece for intimate settings and other interior schemes where a more subdued effect is desired.


Gemma Gemma by Preciosa

Gemma by Preciosa

Alluringly practical, Gemma shines light on functionality. A column of detailed cut crystal gently illuminates from the top, while a purposeful light radiates downward. The stainless steel and glass casing make it a graceful addition to any space. Gemma is the perfect combination of contemporary heritage, with its modern form featuring traditional glass cutting techniques and material by designer Daniel Szollosi.

Flare Flare by Preciosa

Flare by Preciosa

Shining with sparkle and flair, Flare’s hand-blown crystal is precisely cut to encourage the dispersal of light. Captivating patterns enhance the crystal brilliance of the glass while emphasizing the gold plated body. Davide Algranti designed Flare so that the three styles may be hung as one, in variety, or in a grand arranged scheme.

Siren Siren pendant by Preciosa

Siren pendant by Preciosa

This vivid yet mysterious lamp by designer Dima Loginoff will bring intrigue to your space with its playful inversion of the classical bell shape. The three glass bells are layered to hide and reveal and an enchanting combination of colors and textures adds to the light’s interest. Different illumination options mean there are always new aspects and reflections to discover.

Geometric Geometric by Preciosa

Geometric by Preciosa

The clear crisp lines of Geometric are made through two types of glass cutting combined with three surface finishes. The result is a striking simplicity which offers a warm intimate glow. This piece, by designer Ekaterina Elizarova, works well as a stand-alone element, but the purity of its geometry means that a collection also offers a compelling statement of form and elegance.
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