The Jungle Outside the Wilderness

Sancal takes its Jungla collection to Shanghai

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The Jungle Outside the Wilderness
08/02/2019 - The bustling city of Shanghai will host Sancal's Jungla collection alongside its newest pieces during Asia’s leading international design event. Shanghai Design is a meeting platform for the best international firms and the community of architects and interior designers. Jungla by Sancal

Jungla by Sancal

Attending Shanghai Design for the first time, Sancal will showcase Jungla, where fluffy beasts and illustrated vegetation will join the new products of the firm: DB by Santiago Castaño, Mousse by Rafa García or the Tonella stools by the Swedish Studio NOTE, amongst other models of the catalogue.

These items will also be joined by COSAS, the new line of home accessories that combines design, humor, color and art, illustrated by Egle Zvirblyte and Estudio Sancal.

This is the last stop of the tour of Sancal´s Jungla through the main design world destinations. The brand will be showcasing its particular vision of nature and the beauty of its forms.

Sancal on ArchiproductsJungla by Sancal

Jungla by Sancal

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