The Key Value of Fast: Environmental friendliness

Now the manufacturer receives EPD certification as confirmation

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22/12/2020 - Environmental friendliness has always been one of Fast's key values. The need for sustainability has urgently arisen at global level, especially in recent years, and today represents one of the great challenges of the 21st century. For Fast, this was not a turning point, but rather a confirmation of a direction in which they have been going for quite some time now. Safeguarding the environment, for a company that has made the outdoors a lifestyle, is in fact a necessity and a raison d'être.
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'We work in a territory we love and respect, and which we contribute towards supporting by relying on local suppliers: companies capable of putting their hearts into the products they make, and who share with us a certain way of doing business. Respecting places, the nature which brings them to life and surrounds them, the people who populate them: that’s our philosophy.' Marco Levrangi, Fast's CEO.
A philosophy which stretches from small to large, considering the impact of every single product on a much bigger ecosystem. Since 2019 Fast has been using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method to monitor the environmental footprint of a large part of their products along their life cycle, from the raw material to the finished product; thanks to this method, it's possible to isolate the inefficiencies and reduce waste.
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Furthermore, Fast received the prestigious EPD® Declaration (Environmental Product Declaration) which certifies and quantifies the environmental performance of a single product in a clear, transparent and objective way. It is a commitment for Fast and a guarantee for their customers, who know they can rely on transparent information that is comparable with other suppliers, across the globe. Four products by Fast are currently certi- fied: the iconic Forest armchair, Aikana 2-seater sofa with armrests and seat cushion, Ushuaia sun-lounger and Radice Quadra table (200 x 90 x h 74cm). The aim is to extend this certification to other products in the Fast range.
This is an important milestone, a further step towards a way of doing business that focuses on respect for the human being and everything around us.

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