The love of exquisite materials and unique craftsmanship

Form 1 and Form 45 Kitchens by Multiform

25/10/2016 - Form 1 was designed in 1982 by Carsten Michelsen with the vision of creating a kitchen classic that, on par with the iconic Danish furniture designs of the 1950s, would live on across generations—in terms of craftsmanship, material, and aesthetic alike. By uniting architecture, carpentry and exquisite materials, Carsten Michelsen created one of Denmark’s most exclusive kitchen brands. Ever since, Multiform has been driven by the joy of caring for even the smallest detail.

At Biennale Interieur 2016, the design of Multiform’s classic Form 1 Kitchen in natural oak is juxtaposed against the new Form 45 in brass. All edges are bevelled with diagonal cut at 45°, based on the vision of creating a floating kitchen island in brass—with a razor sharp look, standing as a rigid monolith in the room.

Love of unique craftsmanship

The design is unified by kitchen drawers in classic oak. All Multiform’s kitchen drawers are handmade according to classic carpentry principles at the workshop in Kibæk, Denmark — in uncompromising quality and with immense love for the craft and materials. All solid wood comes from a small family-run sawmill in Austria. Multiform’s carpenters cut so-called dovetails in each end of the solid wood drawers, so their sides can be assembled precisely with beautiful joints that are silky smooth to the touch.

In the design, we have worked with the possibility of using the kitchen in several ways in various situations, as well as hiding the kitchen away entirely when necessary. The kitchen hardware, including appliances from Miele with newly developed grey glass fronts, is hidden away behind pocket-doors, while the induction zones are concealed in the ceramic countertop. As the first in Denmark – and even Scandinavia, Multiform presents a groundbreaking new technology in which only a sandblasted circle indicates the location of the cooktop. This provides a larger workspace on the kitchen counter and a simple, distinctive and aesthetic design in the kitchen.

Exclusive news

The artist Phuc Van Dang, who works at the intersection of design, art and culture, has hand-decorated the walls, taking root in Multiform’s passion for wood, respect for nature, design and unique craftsmanship.

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