The New Age-Friendly Proposals by Very Wood

Chairs, armchairs and tables designed by This Weber

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08/06/2020 - Very Wood presents the new pieces of Wise collection designed by This Weber: Elegance and Heritage seatings and Simple tables.
Wise is a collection of age-friendly tables and chairs for people who for reasons of age or health need more comfort, better ergonomics and greater safety in their life. This collection is conceived, designed and manufactured as safe and comfortable furniture for environments (senior residences, rehabilitation units, etc.) with specific functional requirements.
Elegance is a collection of stackable ash wood chairs and armchairs with fabric, vinyl or leather upholstery. The arm of the chair has been modelled to protrude beyond the front leg, which affords the user a solid and comfortable grip. This ingenious design expedient makes the chair particularly safe for a person with ergonomic needs, and thus makes it an ideal furnishing for a healthcare or senior residence setting.
The New Age-Friendly Proposals by Very Wood 2

The Heritage Collection, which comprises a chair, dining chair, lounge armchair and Bergère armchair, is made of an ash wood frame with seat and back upholstered in fabric, vinyl or leather. The padded armrest offering easy support and the design of the front part of the rounded seat ensure that all the chairs in this collection remain comfortable even after prolonged use. The Bergère armchair, designed with the elderly in mind, has a comfortable headrest.
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Simple is the name of a collection of dining tables designed for the health care sector. The SIMPLE collection is characterized by the absence of the crossbeam between the legs and the table top. This engineering solution makes it possible to bring all types of seats up close to the table, including wheelchairs, which need a good deal of space. The Simple collection includes a variety of forms and sizes. The table top can be round, square or rectangular; the table comes in various sizes; and the corners are available either with 90-degree angles or, for greater safety, with smoothed edges.
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All models of Wise collection are ergonomically designed both for ease of use and, a necessity for a healthcare setting, for ease of maintenance.
The modelling of the arms of the chair, the extra padding and the rounded seats are some of the inbuilt special features that make these chairs ideal even for long periods of use.
The antimicrobial, washable and water-repellent fabrics of the upholstery make maintenance and sanitization easy and safe.
A special finish keeps the wood from deterioration over time, even after exposure to aggressive disinfectants, so that the furniture can continue to emanate the warmth and naturalness of wood even in environments of maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

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