The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection

Soft shapes in blown glass and minimal metal structures

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09/29/2020 - Luminaires have developed over time from simple functional elements to real protagonists of the house, which can give any environment a personal touch.
The Lighting Collection of italian manufacturer Bonaldo is a series that combines design and Venetian glass art: a tribute to the tradition of a region steeped in history, which has been reinterpreted in a modern way by lighting designers such as Oriano Favaretto, Marco Zito, Studio Team Design, Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta.
Pendant lights, floor lamps, wall and table lamps: the models in this collection retain their personality and not only blend in perfectly with their surroundings, but also illuminate them in perfect light.
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 2

BIO-S by Oriano Favaretto
A metallic architectural structure encloses the blown glass of the lampshade in all its elegance: contrasting elements put together in the Bio-s collection of lamps, in an expression of three- dimensionality and perspective. The design of this floor lamp does not go unnoticed, strengthened by its suggestive capacity accentuated by the lampshade, especially in the mirrored version able to reflect the environment in which the lamp is placed. Contrasts, games of reflections and a strong sculptural presence characterise the new Bio-s lamp. 
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 3

BON TON by Oriano Favaretto
The Bon Ton suspension lamp develops around its central axis, composed of three metal blades. It is a luminous object in which the glass spheres that form the lampshades are arranged in an irregular order, accentuating their dynamic nature. Bon Ton moves away from its function as a lamp to approach, in its form, a true suspended sculpture. It is available in the version with a single sphere or in the three or six spheres versions that give movement to the figure of the lamp. 
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 4

ACQUERELLI by Marco Zito
Subtle colours and fluid shapes characterize the Acquerelli lamp collection. Made from blown glass, these lamps bring colour to the space just like watercolours brush strokes on a blank piece of paper. 'Acquerelli', in fact, is the Italian word for 'watercolours'. The Acquerelli lamps feature a lampshade in blown glass and a structure in mat lead painted metal. They are available in the suspension or table version and come in two sizes, each one with a different shape for the lampshade. In the double-glass suspension version, the two lampshades (small and large) come together to form a single lamp. There is also a composition formed by three smaller lampshades. 
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 5

BARDOT by Laura Cazzaniga and Ilaria Limonta
The name of this collection of lamps is inspired by the famous French diva, a symbol of femininity and an inspiring muse, with her unmistakable style that still sets new trends today. Similarly, the Bardot lamp breathes new life into any setting. Colour and simplicity are the key features of Bardot: in fact, the metal structure is linear and it is available in different colours, while the base and the sphere have a mat brass finish to emphasise the light. Bardot is available as a table or floor lamp in two different heights. 
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 6

CROSSROAD by Oriano Favaretto
The intersection of metal elements creates a game of light and shapes that gives a scenic character to the space. Available as a floor or suspension lamp, Crossroad is made up of mat lead painted metal cylinders which feature an amber-coloured glass element at the end containing the light source. 
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 7

SOFÌ by Studio Team Design
The Sofì lamp collection is a tribute to the ancient art of glass blowing: a reference to the artisanal Venetian tradition which has been kept alive by master glassworkers for centuries. The key element to Sofì is the borosilicate glass sphere, which features a warm amber-coloured finish and is paired with burnished brass cylindrical fittings. The collection includes various different models: a ceiling lamp with a metallic structure featuring 7 or 10 spheres, a suspension lamp with 1, 5 or 7 spheres, a floor lamp, two table lamps (a smaller one without glass spheres and a taller one with glass sphere) and a wall lamp. 
The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 8

The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 9

The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 10

The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 11

The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 12

The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 13

The New Bonaldo Lighting Collection 14

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