The New Campaign/Manifesto by cc-tapis

Domestic World Meets Performance Art. A narration in images of the Gesture project

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18/11/2020 - cc-tapis presents images from the Manifesto Campaign for the Gesture project, a series of five collections resulting from collaborations with prominent names in the design world. The images represent a creative fusion of the domestic landscape with performance art. Just as the rugs in the five collections are inspired by aesthetics created by simple gestures, so the images in the campaign amplify and elevate a series of everyday actions to their extremes. Images and videos depict the world of cc-tapis through action.
The New Campaign/Manifesto by cc-tapis 2

In the Gesture collective, cc-tapis explores the gesture as a root of artistic expression. In the series of five collections, the designers – Patricia Urquiola, Sabine Marcelis, Philippe Malouin, Mae Engelgeer and Yuri Himuro – meditate on the meaning of gesture. They study how the movement of hands and tools can guide a creative process in a totally organic way to conceive new aesthetic languages. From domestic tasks to naive scribbles, each action generates a new creative process. The results range from delicate gradients inspired by brushstrokes to the imperfect assemblage of spontaneous collages to the simple act of cutting fabric.
The New Campaign/Manifesto by cc-tapis 3

In an empty room, like a blank canvas, performers - transforming themselves into living artistic material - interpret everyday gestures recalling the actions that engendered the five creative processes. Narration takes place laterally to play on the contrast between normality and individuality.

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