The New cc-tapis Rugs Collection Designed by Marco de Vincenzo

The fashion world meets textile craftsmanship: with this Limited Edition the company inaugurates its new e-commerce

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15/07/2021 - In the year of it’s 10th birthday, cc-tapis dives into the world of e-commerce with a new typology of product and a new online sales strategy. To inaugurate this new project, the rugs collection in limited edition designed by Marco de Vincenzo.
The decision to open an online shop has challenged how the brand produces and sells rugs. “It wasn’t enough to just put ‘add to cart’ under the image of every product on our website” – cc-tapis partners Nelcya Chamszadeh, Fabrizio Cantoni and Daniele Lora. 'cc-tapis rugs are extremely artisanal with prices and lead-times which are not always suitable for the fast-paced world of e-commerce. A new kind of product had to be developed, something that would stay true to the brand’s artisanal identity, but with delivery and prices in-line with today’s online-shopper'.
Instead of the Tibetan hand-knotting technique used by cc-tapis for their signature collections, a handloom production technique was chosen, an artisanal hand-weaving technique native to India. A type of production which allows for large production runs and the artisanal details which cc-tapis clients are accustomed to.

The MDV Collection designed by Marco de Vincenzo

After a chance encounter with Marco De Vincenzo, cc-tapis quickly understood that the fashion icon’s eye for textiles, innovation and craftsmanship would be the perfect combination to develop a new typology of product together “It was clear from the start that with Marco we could work on a project of which the base was research, create something new, but specifically something for e-commerce.” – cc-tapis partners.
Together with Marco De Vincenzo, cc-tapis decided to undertake the challenge of translating his iconic lurex textiles into a rug. Lurex is a material which is very rarely used in the rug making world and something foreign to traditional Indian weavers. Both cc-tapis and Marco De Vincenzo revel in experimentation and together developed a new collection which reflected the identity and spirit of both brands.
I have always been fascinated by thread as an image of life itself, and by the act of spinning or weaving as a metaphor of destiny. When I met cc-tapis I immediately glimpsed how many connections there were between their creative universe and mine, and how strong the bond we both feel we have with matter and its infinite possibilities of transformation. This is how our exchange of ideas was born, like a pre-established design that takes place at the right time, in the form of a rainbow of frosted colors', says Marco De Vincenzo.
The new MDV Collection will be sold on both the cc-tapis the Marco De Vincenzo websites, with immediate delivery available for 4 different sizes. This collection will not be available in any physical stores. New collaborations will be launched regularly on the platform with rugs which are available for immediate delivery.

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