A New Vision of Work and Design: Crassevig at Orgatec 2022

On show the latest furniture collection designed for flexible, hybrid and increasingly creative work spaces

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25/10/2022 - Designed for flexible, hybrid and increasingly creative work spaces, the new Crassevig furnishings will be presented at Orgatec 2022, the Trade fair for new working environments taking place in Cologne until 29 October.
Being Orgatec the most relevant event in such a context, it provides the perfect framework to seek a renewed work culture, reconnecting many different viewpoints, while trying to mould multidimensional environments that are based on cooperation, trust and partnership.
To better address these issues, Crassevig has defined four environments to further focus its future visions on: Meeting, Dining, Reception and Lounge.
Each area lives through essential and versatile designs, interpreted according to their daily use and declined either in their classic forms or in new versions. The Inoko table doubles up to be more suitable for the Meeting area, while Folio lends itself to the Reception area in a taller version; the Lounge spirit of Axel and Pola is counterbalanced by two different variations of Tusca, chair for Dining moments and armchair for the Reception area, where we also find Pola low stool.
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The real novelty at Orgatec 2022 is to be found, however, in the Meeting space: here, we unveil the design of Finna, an innately light chair designed by the Barcelona-based design studio Ramos & Bassols. The designers' ultimate challenge was to obtain the comfort of an armchair by working with an extremely thin surface of recycled plastic, designing as with a sheet of paper. The fold-free shell has a gently curving perimeter, without any angles, ensuring innate ergonomics and a feeling of lightness.
Chromatic choices for this Orgatec event respond to the most current trends, as interpreted by Visual Designers Deborah Piana and Marta Basalto, curators of the exhibition booth and its finishes, for whom "Colors today take on a more appealing guise, with the consciousness of being able to navigate through the past and convey to the future".
The Crassevig palette for this Autumn-Winter season will therefore have four basic shades. Red inspired by grape harvests, fine wines and autumn evenings; Mint green with pastel echoes of the 1950s, nostalgic and fresh; Aubergine, a purplish shade verging on grey, vibrant, velvety and mysteriously elegant; finally, Cement Grey with its neutral depth, versatile, concrete and timeless.
The colour balance combines calm, rationality and strong notes with increasingly innovative visions of design, for a constant search for well-being and a multi-faceted workspace style.

A New Vision of Work and Design: Crassevig at Orgatec 2022 3

A New Vision of Work and Design: Crassevig at Orgatec 2022 4

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