The New Falper Showroom in Milan

In Via Pontaccio an essential space designed by Victor Vasilev

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22/10/2020 - After the Flagship stores in Berlin and Paris, as well as the Falper Studios in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Kiev, Taipei, Rouen, Aachen and Lausanne, Falper opens its showroom in Milan in the very heart of Brera. Surprising unexpected environments characterized by minimalist architecture, rigorous volumes, light cuts and distinctive architectural elements. Falper opts for atmospheres in which the simplification of the product becomes sophistication and expression of its utmost elegance for the showroom in Via Pontaccio 10 as well.
The New Falper Showroom in Milan 2

Designed by the architect Victor Vasilev, Falper Milano presents the collections and previews by designers such as Lucia Carlomagno, Andrea Federici, Irene Goldberg, Robin Rizzini, Michael Schmidt, Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez, Victor Vasilev and Vittorio Venezia.
Everything, both in the planning of spaces and in the new approach to the matter, reflects a careful study and extreme attention to detail. The atmosphere in Falper Milano is impeccable and suggestive; it contains construction details and quality materials, an innovative division of spaces and the uniqueness of the products.
The Fontana Collection - design Victor Vasilev
The Fontana collection by Victor Vasilev is enriched by the new freestanding washbasin in antibacterial Cristalplant Biobased. The cylindrical element of the washbasin maintains its essentiality and rigor even inside the basin, where the cut and the particular water drainage system are hidden from the user’s view.
The New Falper Showroom in Milan 3

Butler - design Andrea Federici
An actual bathroom wardrobe, in aluminum, glass and wood. Falper presents a configurable system, with two depths and enriched by valuable accessories. Designed to implement the black range (high range of the brand), “Butler” is designed by Andrea Federici, a young designer with a distinctive, elegant and functional stylistic trait. The system consists of configurable columns with shelves, internal drawers and clothes racks, with particular attention to detail. The internal LED lighting and internal accessories of the drawers, in wood and leather finish, are always there to help you store your personal items.
The New Falper Showroom in Milan 4

Cilindro - design Victor Vasilev
Acquifero and Cilindro, the two collections of AISI 316 stainless steel taps recently presented by Falper, are now completed by a range of accessories in stainless steel, solid wood and Cristalplant. The collection consists of two towel holders that can be accessorized with wooden and Cristalplant shelves and steel accessories, as well as other freestanding and wall- mounted iconic elements. The alignment of several elements and the taps are a functional and distinctive feature of this collection.
The New Falper Showroom in Milan 5

Specchio - design Robin Rizzini
Specchio’s volume hides inside containing elements created with attention to detail and quality woods. The collection, in preview in the store in Milan, is completed by accessory elements such as LED lighting, power sockets and USB. Specchio is available in various sizes and configurations, with optional gray fumè finishes.
The New Falper Showroom in Milan 6

Falper Milano is managed in collaboration with Interni design experience, and retail and guarantees training, design, rendering and budgeting services, both in the contract and residential sectors. 

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The New Falper Showroom in Milan 10

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The New Falper Showroom in Milan 13

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