The New Fantini Taps by Vincent Van Duysen

Chic and bold, the Flora collection combine an industrial aesthetic with a contemporary sensibility

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23/05/2024 - Chic and bold, the new Fantini taps by Vincent Van Duysen combine an industrial aesthetic with a contemporary sensibility.
According to Vincent Van Duysen, “The Flora design emerged organically from my desire to create a timeless collection with a light nostalgic touch.”  Flora is a highly tactile and ergonomic collection. The handles are the most outstanding features, making the entire collection extremely distinctive and charming.
We paid a lot of attention to proportions,” emphasizes Van Duysen. “That makes it a collection with a human and personal touch. I always look for a sort of symbiosis in all my designs. And when I work with Fantini I always feel in tune.”
That “conservative touch” of which the author is a master is what makes his products ageless and thus classic, like the Icona and Icona Deco designs, his earlier series developed for Fantini.
The Flora tap collection was presented during the Milan Design Week 2024, inside the Fantini showroom in Brera and on the stand at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno.

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