The New Habitability According to Gandia Blasco

Enjoying the outdoors with designs that preserve privacy

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19/01/2021 - Gandia Blasco anticipates new trends by producing collections of outdoor environments and furniture capable of generating the spaces we need —and want— to live in a redesigned normality.
The New Habitability According to Gandia Blasco 2

Innovation and design find their raison d’être in improving people’s quality of life
Recently, space design, both residential and contractual, has come into the spotlight: never before has its decisive role in essential issues such as safety, mental and physical well-being and even productivity and creativity in the professional field been so evident.
The New Habitability According to Gandia Blasco 3

With a firm commitment to innovation and a desire to export the Mediterranean lifestyle throughout the world, GANDIABLASCO is responding to the challenges of a new era by developing proposals such as the Outdoor Social Distancing concept, in which José A. Gandía-Blasco’s PÉRGOLAS and MERENDEROS are icons of privacy and enjoyment of the outdoors throughout the year. The action gravitates without limits between indoors and outdoors and is sheltered in the shadow of small-scale architectural pieces with minimalist lines and exquisitely personalised finishes with aluminium as the star material.

In constantly expanding collections such as SOLANAS, designed by Daniel Germani, intimacy and comfort are no longer the exclusive preserve of interiors, but rather conquer and redefine contemporary outdoor life. Evoking childhood memories and summers with family and friends on Solanas beach in Punta del Este (Uruguay), Germani pays homage to the warmth of everything that happens around a shared table near the sea and imagines in each SOLANAS piece -chairs, armchairs, modular sofas, deckchairs, tables, sideboards, accessories...- infinite ways of enjoying the outdoors.

Natural colours inspired by nature reign supreme in a colour chart with dozens of options for the cosy textiles of SOLANAS, its structures in micro-perforated sheet metal and thermolacquered welded aluminium, and its surfaces in the resistant material Dekton® by Cosentino.

Rethinking the environment in connection with the present and the very essential
The structural and behavioural changes brought about by the pandemic have made us rediscover the meaning of staying at home, familiarise ourselves with the home office, take advantage of the possibilities of outdoor spaces and, in short, have a new awareness of how we should look after our time and the spaces we inhabit in order to feel good.
The New Habitability According to Gandia Blasco 4

In this context, GANDIABLASCO aims to make environments adapted to new needs pleasant and more humane: from a warm multifunctional room in a private courtyard -like this unique composition in olive green and dark grey- to an exclusive rooftop adapted to social distancing measures, and from a private outdoor shelter that can be transformed into a remote office to a new generation office for work meetings, training or outdoor networking.
The New Habitability According to Gandia Blasco 5

The new cocoon SOLANAS lounge chairs, in this case in the elegant Gold finish, express like no other design that idea of protection and shelter. Its structure, which rises majestically to 146 cm, softens and curves the lines of GANDIABLASCO’s emblematic aluminium profile and presents the micro-perforated sheet metal in a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional cocoon designs in wicker or rattan.
The New Habitability According to Gandia Blasco 6

Durable, intimate and comfortable shelters to extract the maximum potential from the outside
While homes, offices, hotels and restaurants become intelligent and efficient spaces thanks to the latest technologies, the outdoors stand as the natural extension of all of them, providing light, air, nature and, all in all, the benefits of an investment in one’s health and personal balance.

Generous daybeds, inviting dining rooms, bioclimatic spaces and complete environments made up of all kinds of pieces of architecturally designed furniture make GANDIABLASCO a benchmark in increasing outdoor habitability with timeless solutions of great aesthetic sensitivity and a marked Mediterranean character.

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