The New Living Divani Gallery

In Milan a new 'theatrical space' to discover the most iconic products of Living Divani

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22/09/2020 - With its 6 large windows overlooking Corso Monforte and Visconti di Modrone, in one of the busiest and liveliest corners of Milan, the new Living Divani Gallery, opened to the public on September 12th, will be one of the new design destinations to visit on the occasion of Milan Design City.

A place of pure abstraction, conceived as the brand's new Milanese outpost, alongside the exhibition space inside the Headquarters in Anzano del Parco designed by Piero Lissoni in 2007, showing “in progress” settings and offering always different suggestions not only to clients but also to passers-by and design lovers.
We’ve been looking for some time for a space in Milan that could represent what Living Divani actually is', says Carola Bestetti. 'Founded in 1969 by my parents, Renata and Luigi Bestetti, as a small workshop specialized in the production of sofas, 50 years after its foundation, with more than 60 employees and a constantly growing global network, Living Divani is today a Company with a strong international reputation able to offer a 'Living Divani world' complete in every detail, which from the living area flows to the dining room, the bedroom and the outdoor. Through this place we would like to tell the thousand facets of our iconic, essential and sophisticated design, inviting our audience to live the Living Divani style: a brand with a strong soul, always in tune with its philosophy of rigor, clean lines and relaxed elegance, which has succeeded in reaching across the world of design with its own genuine and individual interpretation'.
The interpretation of the space is entrusted to Piero Lissoni, Art Director and main designer of the brand, who signs both the general concept of the space and its set up: 'it is neither a showroom nor a store. The new Living Divani Gallery would like to be a sort of theatrical space, a place where to create and perform, from time to time, different representations, just like in a theatre. For instance, now everything is metallic with neon lights, so with a very museum-like allure, it will be opened with this aspect. But soon enough the scenography will change to show something different. It is a theatrical stage where we will interpret Living Divani'.

The corrugated metal sheet that covers the walls with neon lights which further dematerialize the contours and confuse the perception, and the floor made of metal sheet with polished finish, break down, reflect and refract, from various points of view, the scene dominated by a cloud of Carbon Frog. Extra light 'hi tech' variant in carbon fiber and polyester weave, evolution of the famous Frog armchair designed in 1995 by Piero Lissoni, the Carbon Frog, painted in an impactful black & white contrast with some colour accents, are suspended to create a vaporous trace moving in the space, showing this undisputed contemporary visual icon from different angles.
The Notes table by Massimo Mariani acts as a counterpoint on the ground with a transparent glass top, which seems to vanish in the ethereal atmosphere that surrounds it, accompanied by the Maja D armchairs that meet the needs of everyday life.
Rather than a store, the showroom is a statement on the purity, sobriety and essence of the Living Divani products. Haute couture items presented in a neutral key so that each visitor can imagine them in his/ her own living environment - whether it is a Milanese apartment, a garden, or the most remote destination - customizing them, like a blank canvas to be colored at will according to everyone's wishes.

Corso Monforte 20, 20121 Milan
28/09 - 10/10/2020
Monday-Saturday h. 10am > 2pm / 3pm > 7pm
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