The new Matteo Thun spotlight inspired by the attitude of the robin

Robin, the new indoor light system by iGuzzini

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18/11/2020 - iGuzzini presents Robin, the new spotlight designed by Architect Matteo Thun. The spotlight 'Robin' borrows the aesthetic appearance and posture of the robin, a small, colorful animal with a lively character and a melodious song.
Robins, sitting on the wires of light invite us to look up at the sky while they scrutinise our world from above. Similarly, the small yet powerful Robin spotlights, from the top of a truly slim track, provide downwards light by rotating the optical compartment by up to 160°, as well as rotating 360° on the horizontal plane.
The new Matteo Thun spotlight inspired by the attitude of the robin 2

The appeal and uniqueness of this spotlight is further enhanced by a final customisable accessory. Designed to accompany light beyond the track, it is inspired by the reticular structures spanning the dome designed by Nervi: the interwoven ribs are a perspective reference for measuring space and filtering light. Additive manufacturing technique made it possible to reproduce exactly the subtle and elegant texture of the accessory, thereby becoming a distinctive and identifying element.
In addition, Robin will be able to directly house the BLE Bluetooth Low Energy protocol capable of reducing energy consumption to a minimum, limiting the transmission to moments of commands sending. The devices work together creating an intelligent mesh network that always guarantee the operation of the system, even in the event of a product malfunction. Every luminaire has an on board beacon and, in addition to smart services (push notification, space management and indoor navigation), there is the functionality of counting the hours of ignition of the product.
The new Matteo Thun spotlight inspired by the attitude of the robin 3

Inspired by a ‘pettirosso’ the spotlight ‘Robin’ borrows the attitude and abilities of this bird and interprets its body posture, its movement and ease. Thanks to iGuzzini’s know-how and experience in realising excellent lighting solutions, ‘Robin’, installed on the ‘Superrail’ track, is the perfect match to grant significant lights to enhance architecture concepts - be it for hospitality, retail or cultural settings.” said architect Matteo Thun.
The new Matteo Thun spotlight inspired by the attitude of the robin 4

Available in three dimensions and two chromatic variations (black and white), Robin is extraordinarily unique in that it can be installed even in the upper part of the Superrail track, thereby seamlessly combining accent light with continuous general light in the part underneath. Superrail is the new iGuzzini miniaturised track (only 25 mm wide) that can be composed into infinite lengths in a continuous and seamless manner. Superrail can be installed as a recessed, minimal and frame, ceiling and/or suspended system. This means the Robin spotlight can be integrated on top at the same time as inserting LED modules underneath for general lighting, thereby offering a dual solution of seamless direct and/or indirect lighting, since connecting the spotlight does not interfere with the continuity of the lighting line underneath.
In addition to Robin, Superrail can mount a series of other iGuzzini low voltage luminaire. The track can also integrate smart accessories like BeCon to offer smart solutions that benefit those who manage and use the spaces where it is installed.

For more informations about Robin, click here

The new Matteo Thun spotlight inspired by the attitude of the robin 5

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