The New Memedesign Coat Hangers

Essential and colored metal profiles: Bric&Brac and MyFlower are the new proposals for domestic and contract spaces

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03/08/2022 - The Memedesign coat hanger collection expands with Bric&Brac and MyFlower, two new proposals for various rooms in the home, such as, the entry and the bedroom. Moreover, they can be used for business spaces, such as companies and offices. Thanks to the possibility to choose between the 18 RAL colors and 2 metallic colors (gold and copper), are suitable both for modern and classic settings.  
Bric & Brac is a winning pair. Bric, the supporting structure made of tubular steel 150 cm high, is an original coat rack with a clean, linear design, which is offered with Brac, a coat hook made of solid rod steel, sold in pairs of the same colour. Not just a pair, but two products that have a strong identity even individually. In fact, Bric can be combined with other types of hangers, while Brac can also be used for walk-in wardrobes or other types of hangers or valet stands, such as our Babele. 
The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 2

MyFlower is an original coat floor-standing coat rack. Seen from above it has the shape of a flower (from which it takes its name) with 5 petals. As for Bric, the tubular steel is the supporting structure to which 5 coat hooks are welded, that guarantee a wide use of MyFlower, due to the possibility of hanging several accessories and clothes.
The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 3

The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 4

The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 5

The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 6

The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 7

The New Memedesign Coat Hangers 8

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