Light and Functional: V Pivot by Viva Porte

The new pivot door solution redefines and expands any environment

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02/03/2022 - Viva Porte presents V Pivot, a stylish and functional pivot door that, thanks to two hidden pins placed at the end of the panel, rotates on its vertical axis with lightness. When opened, this mechanism allows to create an extended opening space that shapes and expands the room. When the door is closed, it integrates with continuity to the existing wall, thus isolating the rooms.

The new pivot door V Pivot by VIVA is perfect for design solutions that require large-dimension doors that can be adapted to both pre-existing and under construction spaces, where the walls include opening surfaces. V Pivot can reach up to 5 meters in height and 2 meters in width and it is available in multiple finishes: glossy or matt lacquered colors, in oak or Canaletto walnut wood or with customized solutions.

The new pivot door V Pivot allows the creation of partition doors without structural limits. Installation is simple and no invasive floor or ceiling interventions are required

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Light and Functional: V Pivot by Viva Porte 2

Light and Functional: V Pivot by Viva Porte 3

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