The new seatings by Marie Burgos

A Striking Re-Interpretations of Classic Mid 20th Century Design

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The new seatings by Marie Burgos
05/07/2018 - The interiors and furnishings designer Marie Burgos has presented her Collection two distinctive new seating options with corresponding ottomans at this year’s ICFF.
The Cayenne Lounge Chair and Ottoman are a deft homage to mid 20th century design. Ms. Burgos has taken the clean lines that defined seating designs of that era and given them a luxurious new simplicity. The plush upholstery — available in a full range of fabrics in multiple colorations and textures — plays out stunningly against the curved lines of the wooden arms and legs in a gleaming lacquer finish.

The Milo Arm Chair and The Milo Bean are a colorful, curvy duo designed by Marie Burgos to be used together with The Milo Bean serving as a comfortable ottoman. Or The Milo Bean can be carried anywhere...the ultimate in portable seating. Both are available in a wide range of plush fabrics. The Milo Arm Chair features twin bent wood bases and legs in luxurious lacquer and varnished finishes, while The Milo Bean has leather accent handles for easy carrying.
Also new to the Marie Burgos collection is Milo Bench. Complimenting the Milo Bean. The design includes the same easy-to-grag leather handles for easy mobility. The Milo Bench can be used in an entrance hall, as a foot stool, and as a colorful 48” 2-seater in a playroom.The Milo bench is available in a variety of sumptuous velvet fabrics or COM.

Ms. Burgos is also showing lighting designs and a unique collection of lounge pillows, While the Marie Burgos Collection incorporates global design influences, Ms. Burgos is just as often inspired by traditional designs from her native Caribbean island Martinique. Le Tray Table is an outstanding example. It was inspired by a traditional carrying vessel found on the island until Ms. Burgos gave it a fresh new contemporary interpretation.
The new seatings by Marie Burgos

The new seatings by Marie Burgos

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