The New Sofa Bed by Milano Bedding at Supersalone

Soft lines, welcoming geometries: Freddie and Goodman transform the living room into a multitasking space

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02/08/2021 - Milano Bedding presents at Supersalone the new sofa bed Freddie and Goodman designed by Simone Micheli and Alessandro Elli respectively.

The first collaboration with the architect Simone Micheli also marks a new concept of the sofa bed and living room. As Simone Micheli explains: “Fluidity, essentiality, harmony characterize Freddie's sense of content and expression. A sofa bed that seems not to be. This iconic design element represents a perfect synthesis of my design creed: transforming the complexity of our time into simplicity'.

The model, thanks to its light, slender and welcoming design, transforms the living room into a multitasking space where style and functionality coexist and complement each other. The soft geometries with rounded edges and generous padding, with additional cushions for lumbar support, are a promise of maximum seating comfort that conceals, inside, without being noticed, a bed with a 200 cm long mattress.

To further characterize Freddie and to make it a new piece of furniture, are the slanted feet that resume its fluid and harmonious line. The feet, 16cm high, in chromed steel or with black nickel finish, contribute to making Freddie light and elegant in its informality. Furthermore, the model can be made with several covers, to fit in and characterize any environment, individually or with fixed or convertible sofas.

The collaboration with Alessandro Elli is back, who, for the Supersalone, proposes Goodman, a model with a curvilinear design, soft, sinuous and welcoming lines, enhanced by the peculiarity of being a modular solution, designed to give life to multiple compositions in combination with other elements (fixed or with bed) and accessories such as shaped poufs, armrests, quilted bases.

Everything has been designed to favor maximum compositional possibilities and originality in creating fluid combinations with a circular and soft shapes, or with a wave pattern: the latter configuration is particularly ideal in hospitality contexts, in large and structured environments even with different spaces of sociability.

The inspiration, as the designer Alessandro Elli says, comes from nature and in particular from pebble beaches: “If you try to squeeze a handful of them you realize that they are different in size and color, but they all have the same feature, they have no edges. Hence the soft design of Goodman, in which the wide curves and the connections on all sides translate into a sofa with generous proportions and guaranteed comfort even in the sofa bed version '.

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