The new Sofa Collection Designed by Paola Navone for Natuzzi

Argo: cosmopolitan design, soft and cozy shapes

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20/10/2020 - Natuzzi presents Argo, the new sofa collection designed by Paola Navone. It is a sort of imperfect beauty, that which inspires Paola Navone, a way of looking at the space with the eyes of those who love the environment that surrounds us and the ever-changing nature. Navone takes her cues from Mediterranean colours and traditions, creating a collection focusing on simplicity and details which evokes the peaceful and relaxed lifestyle of Puglia, a way of relating to the Earth and to the others. The Apulian lifestyle derives from the deep link with one’s roots, a link with that Harmony that Natuzzi has always brought around the world; the same harmony that Paola Navone, with her cosmopolitan touch, always looking for “new worlds”, has managed to translate in an absolutely unique way.
'Traveling is my way of breathing. Traveling is a way of looking at the world. As I travel, I store colors, shapes, materials, sensations, looks in my head”, Paola Navone says. 'There is always something different and unexpected. When it is born a project, the elements necessary to create the new idea come to light, almost by magic ... '
The new Sofa Collection Designed by Paola Navone for Natuzzi  2

The Argo sofa, with its generous dimensions, is the symbol of this particular way of interpreting life and the living spaces. The soft look is magnified by the 3D padding and by an unexpected pop detail, namely two large brackets that sink into the backrest – passing through it to reach the back – further highlighting its softness. The low, almost invisible feet reinforce the idea of an extremely comfortable, inviting and enveloping seating system, perfect for moments spent relaxing alone or with company.
Available in two- and three-seater versions, as well as swivelling armchair, Argo is designed to be an island of comfort within the living area. Thanks to the martingale detail that decorates the backrest, the sofa perfectly finds its place in the centre of the room, becoming the protagonist of the shared space, with the abundance of upholstery creating an additional décontracté effect. The sofa and armchair structures focus on the padding, making the seats particularly welcoming thanks to a blend of materials that combine strength and softness.
In addition to traditional leather or fabric upholstery, Argo is also available with the new Water covering, created by the Dutch textile designer BYBORRE. This innovative textile proposal, created in collaboration with Pasquale Junior Natuzzi, reflects his love for the sea and the movement of waves. Made with a yarn that combines very high quality wool and recycled PES, Water is a family of fabrics that are luxurious to the sight and touch, whilst also being extremely durable.

The new Sofa Collection Designed by Paola Navone for Natuzzi  3

The new Sofa Collection Designed by Paola Navone for Natuzzi  4

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