The Delicacy of Pauline Deltour Lives Again in the Sofas Designed for Offecct

Clean and precise lines, carefully selected materials and colors for the Pauline collection unveiled in Stockholm

15/02/2023 - The delicate and posed inspiration of Pauline Deltour lives again in the Offecct sofa collection presented at the last edition of Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

Pauline Deltour's design is characterized by being both strict and sensitive, functional and poetic. Exact clean lines, carefully selected materials and colours, along with the way they meet, create a unique identity in everything from individual items to complete interiors.
Pauline sofa - Photo by Mikael Lundblad 1

Pauline sofa - Photo by Mikael Lundblad

Pauline Deltour and Offecct collaboration has previously resulted in the playful urban sound absorber Thelma and the elegant Pauline armchair. Now come the Pauline 2- and 3-seat sofas, which have the same stylized simplicity as the armchair with fabrics wrapped around it and create a tailored expression in combination with the functional and the rational.

"Pauline Deltour's designs always have an immediate simplicity which, on closer inspection, reveals a razor-sharp precision and finesse," says Tobias Strålman, Design Lead at Offecct.

Much of Pauline Deltour's inspiration comes from her visits to factories and markets, books and hand-drawn sketches, travels, and her own home environment in Paris. As a result, the colour choices are always of great importance throughout her design process, which is visible in her collection for Offecct.
Pauline armchair  2

Pauline armchair

All of Pauline Deltour's products have a kind of ingenious simplicity based on her eye for exquisite and carefully designed details. The new sofas, like the armchair, have a natural elegance with slight shifts in proportions, surprising lines and brilliant functional solutions.

Her entire collection responds to how we live now without adapting to short-term trends. New ways of working have given rise to new behaviours, whether we work from home or in the office, and office spaces will continue to change a lot. Pauline Deltour's furniture helps us create the best solutions for the future and its needs.

Pauline Deltour was a warm and humble person, yet curious, with a clear idea of what she wanted with her professional life and many projects. The new sofas are characterized by her ability to be visionary, creative and poetic, yet deeply rooted in the practical craft, the materials and the production process.

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Pauline sofa - Photo by Mikael Lundblad - Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023 3

Pauline sofa - Photo by Mikael Lundblad - Stockholm Furniture Fair 2023

Pauline Deltour 4

Pauline Deltour

Pauline sofa - Photo by Mikael Lundblad - Detail 5

Pauline sofa - Photo by Mikael Lundblad - Detail

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