The New Sova Chaise Longue by More

Danish Flavour, comfort and natural materials

12/03/2020 - Childhood memories, holidays by the Baltic Sea.‎ Grandma’s chair in the window, an example of the Danish art of furniture-making.‎ Sitting down in this chair and feeling the unbelievably smooth, soft wood of the armrest; not wanting to let go ever again.‎ That was the start of SOVA, the collection designed by Bernhard Müller for more.
The Chaise Longue is the newest and third member of SOVA collection and closes the gap between SOVA armchair and SOVA bed in the most comfortable way.
The typical, organic-curved and solid walnut frame ensures a maximum stylish nap.‎ The inner values are also impressive.‎ For example, the upholstery is made of natural, breathable kapok fibres.‎ Frame made of solid wood.‎ Cushions with an ecological upholstery (Kapok).‎ Leather or fabric cover (removable).‎
The New Sova Chaise Longue by More 2

The New Sova Chaise Longue by More 3

The New Sova Chaise Longue by More 4

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