The New Tonelli Design Glass Coffee Table by Karim Rashid

Lilypad is inspired by the ethereal shape of water lilies through organically shaped planes that appear to float on the base

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23/05/2024 - The new Tonelli Design glass coffee table by Karim Rashid is inspired by the ethereal shape of water lilies. Presented during the Milan Design Week 2024, the Lilypad coffee table celebrates 20 years of collaboration between the famous designer and the iconic brand of glass furniture.
Lilypad encloses entirely the eclectic, irreverent and original style of its author. The name is inspired by the organic shape of this etheric flower’s leaves and its hypnotic light floating in water. 
Organic shaped tops in smoked, extra clear and bronze glass are the distinctive trait of this welded glass table that plays with the alternance of the finishes and the harmonic lines and the contrast between the softness of its shapes and the solidity of the materials. The two different heights, almost like suspended floating, allow to put them next to each other and juxtapose them giving life to creative and original compositions. 

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