The New VENINI Murano Glass Table Lamps

Fluid and colorful shapes diffuse a soft and enveloping light. Balloton Luce, Deco Luce and Fantasmino, a perfect representation of Venetian glassmaking

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20/11/2023 - With fluid and colorful shapes, the new VENINI Murano glass table lamps combine versatility, aesthetics and functionality. Balloton Luce, Deco Luce and Fantasmino diffuse a soft and enveloping light, a perfect representation of Venetian glassmaking.

Characterized by a distinctive cross-relief effect, the lamps in the Balloton collection take their name from the technique used to make them. During hot working, the master blows glass into a metal mold, the interior of which is studded with pyramid-shaped spikes: the material, filling the void, is shaped with this particular texture.
Balloton's table lamp features LED technology that can be dimmed, by touch, to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. When turned on, it creates an enchanting kaleidoscopic effect. The light spreads magically, transforming the surroundings into a dance of colors and reflections. Available in Ginkgo Biloba, Grape, Red, Aquamarine, and Crystal colors. This fascinating lamp transforms a historic VENINI product into a unique light source: designed in 1930 by Napoleone Martinuzzi, the iconic DECO vase gets a makeover as a rechargeable battery-operated table lamp, combining the elegance of the past with the convenience of the present. 
With a timeless design, Deco enchants with its intrinsic beauty and the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Every detail, with its fluid and concentric lines, tells a story of bygone eras. 
A table lamp that, thanks to dimmable LED technology, also offers different lighting intensities and brings a touch of elegance to every corner of the home. Available in Ginkgo Biloba, Grape, Red, Aquamarine, and Crystal colors. From the skillful processing of glass that gives this object a perception of light movement, as if it were suspended in space, comes the FANTASMINO collection of table lamps. Their iconic silhouette comes from an exclusive archival prototype and brings a playful touch to living environments.
The special relationship between light and material that has always characterized the VENINI glassworks returns in this line of lighting, with table proposals that evocatively rework the centuries-old technique of opaline glass. The shape harks back to VENINI's iconic Fazzoletto vase, designed in 1948, but it comes alive with a contemporary flair thanks to its portable purpose. Venini on ARCHIPRODUCTS

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