A Little Zaven and a Little Zanotta

Designers Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno explain the genesis of the Za:Za sofa, their very first project for Zanotta. Watch the Archiproducts video interview

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23/06/2022 - Deconstruction, synthesis, aesthetics, comfort and sustainability. Za:Za, the new Zanotta sofa designed by Zaven, comes to life. Presented during Milano Design Week 2022, the name Za:Za celebrates a new collaboration, "a little Zaven and a little Zanotta".
Studio founders Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno talk about how the Za:Za project was born in a video interview by Archiproducts.

With its soft, supple and enveloping lines, the Za:Za sofa perfectly embodies the vision of the historic Zanotta brand and the formal language of the Veneto-based Zaven studio.
"The Za:Za project was born from the idea of covering a skeleton with an upholstered cushion," the designers explain. "The canonical elements of the sofa were examined individually, broken down, and reduced to their essentials. We simplified the structure into a frame and a series of straps, and we chose a recycled and recyclable fibre filling for the cushions with removable covers. These choices allowed us to reduce the materials and facilitate disassembly at the end of the product's life cycle". The new Zanotta sofa designed by Zaven 2

The new Zanotta sofa designed by Zaven

How the Zanotta sofa designed by Zaven was born

The comfort of the sofa is achieved by completely replacing the usual orthogonal structure with a flat base. The ergonomic structure provided by the loose straps follows the principle of a hammock that accommodates and suspends the upholstered elements, taking on a natural curve and conforming perfectly to the user. A comfortable and sustainable sofa, assembled without using adhesives and with recycled, recyclable and easily dismantled materials.

A cylindrical tubular steel frame defines the structure of the sofa, which is solid and welded in a single piece and available in matt black and red. The metal framework supports suspended polyester straps (in anthracite) which, fixed at the front, rise loosely up to the backrest to create a housing for the upholstered elements. The armrests, backrest and seat are fitted like a made to measure suit so that they almost completely cover the frame and straps to which they are attached by means of a series of snap fasteners. The padding is made from a non-removable inner lining of reclaimed and recyclable polyester which contains two soft elements: polyurethane, positioned in the lower or rear part of the cushion, and microspheres of recycled and recyclable polyester in the upper or front part. No adhesives are used to assemble the various paddings, which are placed in individual cushions inside different pockets. The combination of these materials guarantees a cosy comfort. Removable outer fabric cover.

Zanotta on ARCHIPRODUCTSDesigners Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno - Ph. Archiproducts 3

Designers Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno - Ph. Archiproducts

Za:Za Sofa - Detail 4

Za:Za Sofa - Detail

Zanotta, Za:Za sofa 5

Zanotta, Za:Za sofa

Zanotta, Za:Za sofa by Studio Zaven  6

Zanotta, Za:Za sofa by Studio Zaven

Za:Za Sofa by Studio Zaven for Zanotta  7

Za:Za Sofa by Studio Zaven for Zanotta

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