The Shades of Gray for Planium Metals

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14/01/2021 - For about ten years it has become customary to attribute the value of its many qualities to a color that has long been somewhat ignored. Think of the Gray above all for its many chromatic variations, since it has a transversality in enviable colors. Moreover, in the past year he was the protagonist of the choice of Pantone, paired with yellow. This, obtained by mixing Black and White, is for Planium a variation linked to Steel, the metal mainly worked by the brand.

The nuances that can be achieved depending on the material are important, and even the shades change as this changes. For example, Stainless Steel has different gradations from those of Embossed Steel, which is more elaborate from a material point of view. Stainless steel tends towards Gainsboro, Platinum, Silver, while with Embossed we go in the direction of the "Gray 35%". Calamine, a material proposed by Planium that is formed through an oxidation of Steel, is predominantly Anthracite Gray, therefore it has a full-bodied, dark connotation.

The Shades of Gray for Planium Metals 2

For Planium Oxidized Steel, on the other hand, it is necessary to think of a Gray with a different character, since this metal has a predominantly brown surface; this is due to the fact that the neutral Gray is obtained from the three primaries - blue, yellow and red - and the percentages of these involve a chromatic variation compared to the gray obtained with black and white; it is rich in “Taupe” Gray accents on the inside which, through reflections, return to the surface with plays of light. The texture in which this color is most evident is the Oxidized Steel Canvas (which undergoes a double orthogonal satin finish), in dark Slate or London Smoke Gray tones. Then there is a particular Planium Steel called "Stainless Concrete", shining for its shades in the interior, which has a saturation level of "Chicago" Gray.

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Value and Psychology of Gray for Furnishing
Its choice speaks of a minimalist direction, since gray with its discretion, its elegance and its rigor offers a sense of calm to oppose the frenzy of everyday life, as well as representing a "moderate" color equidistant - in fact - from white and from black intended as opposite extremes. It is often associated with Architecture, at least as far as Stainless Steel is concerned, which was highly appreciated on the outside in the 1900s; if, on the other hand, it is selected for the interiors, it can sometimes echo the very recently used industrial style and also have an important and current function relating to surface hygiene. The treatment reserved for the Planium textures also takes over in the variation of the scenarios, since the satin finish makes them velvety and opal while the brushing more shiny and icy (smooth, polished).

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How to Lay Gray Metallic Finishes with Innovative Systems
What are the methods to be able to lay these metallic textures, letting oneself be convinced by the subtlety of the grays? Planium has designed innovative dry laying systems for floor installations: with magnetic coupling, MG01 Magnetic Floor; AP01 Lay Floor with lay-on installation; PL01 Invisible Floor with One-click installation; SM02 Evolution Floor, mechanical with visible angle screws that guarantee a “Workshop” stylistic effect that further enhances the chromatism. These systems guarantee significant savings in time, energy and money as they are suitable for quick installation and removal even for exhibition stands, temporary installations or spaces where you want to periodically and easily renew the environment. To complete the offer, there are traditional glue systems for fixing to the floor and wall, AC01 Stick-on Floor and AC02 Stick-on Wall.


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