The total 'green' wash basin mixer

Fir Italia presents CleoSteel® built-in wash basin mixer

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The total 'green' wash basin mixer
12/10/2017 - The tap and mixer collections of the new 'Green Total Look' programme by Fir Italia are safe products for the environment and protect the health of people. In fact, they are entirely made of 'green' materials: the external part of the taps and mixers is totally in AISI 316L stainless steel, while the inner part, not visible, consists of the FirUnico® universal built-in system, whose body is made of a lead-free DZR brass body and food grade gaskets.

Eco-friendly, reliable and totally hygienic materials for tap and mixer solutions that guarantee no release of harmful substances which could affect human health and the environment.
CleoSteel® 48 wall-mounted built-in basin mixer
An example of total 'green' taps and mixers is the CleoSteel® wall-mounted wash basin mixer, featured by a cylindrical minimalist design: the cover plate, the spout and the handle have simple and pure shapes that naturally fit in different bathroom environments.
Eco-friendly and water saving
CleoSteel is also an 'energy saving' water saving collection. The mixers and taps are installed with a flow reducer, reducing the water flow rate to 6 litres per minute, whereas that on the shower heads is reduced to 9 litres per minute, resulting in a 50% reduction in water consumption in the bathroom.

Fir Italia on ARCHIPRODUCTSThe total 'green' wash basin mixer

The total 'green' wash basin mixer

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