The total living by Martini Interiors

Tables and chairs become protagonists of dining room

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18/05/2020 - Martini Interiors never ceases to amaze with proposals that bring us directly from the kitchen to the dining room. The dining area is in fact designed here down to the smallest detail to meet different tastes and needs, without giving up on craftsmanship and on the use of fine materials.

A total living designed by Martini Interiors, where tables and chairs become absolute protagonists, giving the whole house uniqueness and elegance.
The total living by Martini Interiors 2

In classic style, the Gregory, Clark, Cary, Vivien and Audrey tables, inspired by famous Hollywood actors' names, have rounded shapes and vintage-inspired finishes. The extra touch: the precious decorations in gold or silver leaf and the carvings made exclusively by hand. Next to these, the James tables, in Bianco Zinco finish (white zinc finish), and Marilyn, in Rovere Titanio finish (Titanium oak finish), reinterpret tradition with a touch of simplicity, thanks to the shapes’ sinuosity and to the simple and clean lines.

The traditional proposals are accompanied by the more contemporary Marlon and Roger. Marlon, perfect union of wood and stone, combines the oak of the top with the Nero Marquina marble of the base, almost as a symbol of a sophisticated and glamorous lifestyle. Roger instead, with metal base and top in India rosewood, finds in sophistication its statement.
The total living by Martini Interiors 3

The different types of extensions available, the dimensions’ customization and the personalization of some details, make these tables adaptable not only to every taste but also to every environment.

Not only tables, Martini Interiors also offers a wide choice of upholstered stools and chairs, perfect companions for the Essenza collection kitchens: Exotic, Numero 05, Pure and Charme. From the more baroque Julia, Scarlett and John to the more minimal Kelly and Dustin, in Hi-gloss dark brown or dark black finish and white or beige Nubuck leather.
Finally, the Olivia, Bette, Jane, Natalie and Olivia models, available in chair, stool, armchair and sofa version, for an idea of comfort and conviviality that knows no boundaries. Padding, textiles and finishes of chairs and stools are customizable and available in various materials.

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