The virtual light by Stefan Diez

GUISE for Vibia

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The virtual light by Stefan Diez
15/05/2017 - GUISE is a poetic expression of craft, light, technology and mood. Stefan Diez developed a new approach to using LED technology together with Vibia, by integrating light with material and making it pass through in such a way that it becomes invisible and then allowing it to appear out of nowhere.

The final result is a unique collection of beautiful transparent objects that emanate light, integrating material, light and space in a way never before realised. The exquisite treatment of the form, the material and the technology guarantees a surprising lighting effect and an impeccable performance. Vibia, GUISE

Vibia, GUISE

The collection includes wall sconces, floor lamps and suspended fittings that combine an atmospheric illumination that can be either horizontal or vertically aligned as well as a circular indirect light for walls. The transparent crystal uses high quality borosilicate glass.

The union of physical material and the virtual comes about through advanced technology which nevertheless remains unseen: latest-generation of LEDs, precision cut glass and striations made by a robot on the glass surface…. Vibia, GUISE

Vibia, GUISE

With GUISE this approach to technology culminates with the inclusion of a sensor within the light fitting that allows the intensity to be dimmed by proximity to the object, without the need for actual contact.


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