The wool sculpture by Ronel Jordaan

Sheeps and flowers stuck on the wall @ Archiproducts Milano

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The wool sculpture by Ronel Jordaan
20/04/2017 - Wool felt sculpture in the shape of sheep and decorative acoustical flowers by Ronel Jordaan™ invaded Archiproducts Milano during the Milan Design Week. Recognized for their originality and design uniqueness, Ronel Jordaan's creations appeal to everyone. Consistent with being inspired by nature, Ronel Jordaan tells us about her project made of wool and totally in harmonious Mother Nature.  ©


Can you tell us about your passion for Wool? 
Wool has so many unique properties. The natural crimp makes it perfect for felting. It is a natural water repellent, it regulates body temperature, breathes and so will keep you cool in Summer and warm in Winter. It absorbs dyes better than other fibres so this results in beautiful bright colours. As a designer, the design possibilities offered by felting wool really excites me. It has offered me as a textiles designer the ability to adapt to clients demands for unique bespoke products. No other fibre has the ability to be used in so many different techniques and can also be moulded into any form."

Can you talk about your new projects.
We are designing bespoke sound panels - each square meter panel will be different, but will have a cohesive image. We are also working on new stool designs that will flat pack for easy shipping and are also working on some fashion items for a retailer.

What is the concept behind the sheep and wall floral units?
I like to have fun when designing, and the sheep design is an objet decor item. Like a vase or a ceramic bowl. I wanted to work with the local street artists in South Africa who sell wire and beaded objects on street corners, and so started a collaboration with different wire artists. Ronel Jordaan™ - SHEEP

Ronel Jordaan™ - SHEEP

The same applied to the floral wall panels - decor items that also serve as sound absorption because it is made with felt. Wool felt has sound absorption properties because the felting technique compacts the wool into a dense textile. Ronel Jordaan™ - WALL FLORAL UNITS

Ronel Jordaan™ - WALL FLORAL UNITS

Can you add something about the mix between design, wool and sound proofing? 
When designing sound absorption there are many factors to consider. Choosing materials are important to create optimum absorption. They also need to be fire proof. Wool felt has the ability to absorb the sound waves as there are tiny cavities within the wool that disperse the heat created, and it is also a natural fire retardant. We add a further layer of sound absorption foam that has been treated with a fire retardant. And then the fun can begin. The design possibilities are endless! 

Ronel Jordaan on©


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