Tile Configuration Made Easy

Vorwerk launches new online tile configurator

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Tile Configuration Made Easy
13/03/2019 - Vorwerk flooring launches made an online tile configurator to help users explore the company’s huge variety of options and configurations and maximize the potential of their products. The launch comes just after Vorwerk introduced its new SL SONIC (freeform) tile range ensuring maximum modularity and individuality, and high standard acoustics and durability. FLAKE Nature by Vorwerk

FLAKE Nature by Vorwerk

Vorwerk flooring focuses particularly on the new line-up of freeform tiles for the worldwide market of commercial building spaces. The new tool explains the huge spectrum of possibilities in a way that is easy to understand and offers customers room for creativity. Edge Classic by Vorwerk

Edge Classic by Vorwerk

The online tile configurator allows users to select their tile form, their favorite installation pattern and, of course, their very own color combination – playfully, with just a few clicks. Once the desired flooring pattern has been created, an image of it can be saved and then compared with other flooring designs, before the favorite is then downloaded as a CAD file. Patterns and a list of materials can be ordered directly too. Via a ticket system, the user can even generate a code which they can then forward and thus enable others to make changes to the flooring design.

The tile configurator is available here without the need for registration.

Vorwerk on ArchiproductsEdge Classic by Vorwerk

Edge Classic by Vorwerk

Configurations by Vorwerk

Configurations by Vorwerk

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