'Together'. Arper at Salone del Mobile

Two different exhibition spaces to present new collections for contract and office

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'Together'. Arper at Salone del Mobile
29/03/2017 - Arper will be participating in the Salone del Mobile in Milan from 4 to 9 April 2017. Our collections will be presented in two different exhibition spaces: in the area dedicated to design and in the office section. Pavilion 16 (C29 D30), traditionally reserved to furniture and design companies, sees Arper reaffirm the centrality of its presence. On display, there will be a selection of the company's collections, from iconic products to new designs, over an area of 880 square metres. Pavilion 22 (D20 D24) this year will be hosting the biennial event focused on workspace: Workplace3.0/Salone Ufficio with the exhibition “A Joyful Sense at Work” curated by Cristiana Cutrona. Arper’s 200 square meters stand will be dedicated to those collections that best interpret the way we experience workplaces and the interaction between home and the workplace.
Together” is Arper’s keyword for this year’s edition of the 2017 Salone. A new perspective that places relationships at the centre of design: the relationship between objects, which are expressed through the synergistic design of shells, bases, accessories, materials and colours; the relationship between objects and space, in which each element is coordinated to the other with flexibility, so as to achieve the best results; and finally, the relationship between spaces and people, expressed through individual choices and customized solutions as a means of selfexpression. “Together” strongly sums up the theme of the community: spaces that adapt to new situations and suit the needs of everyday life. The theme of being together in harmony has always been at the foundation of Arper’s creation, design and production: shells, bases, accessories, materials, colours, and fabrics that work together flexibly and fluidly in order to achieve top results.
A new vision on how to display design
Arper’s new partner is the Barcelona-based architecture studio MAIO, founded by Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López and Anna Puigjaner and specialized in the design of flexible systems for the definition of spaces. In collaboration with Jeannette Altherr – studio LA – in charge of the creative direction of Arper’s visual concept, MAIO has designed Arper’s stand with the objective of creating a space that best represents the interaction between architecture and Arper’s collections. A team of stylists and lighting designers contributed to this project which presents a new and highly innovative approach for Arper.
Photo credits @ MAIO

Photo credits @ MAIO

Studio MAIO explained the project thus: “The system we have designed for Arper consists of simple, modular elements that can be reorganized to best suit the different kinds of spaces in which they are used. These elements are complete structures in themselves, in that they are self-supporting, efficient and easy to assemble”.

Thanks to this new display system, at Pavilion 16 the space will be organized around a large central square leading to many rooms where the products will be displayed in ways designed to stimulate interaction. The rooms will be accessed primarily from the main square but will also be connected one another, allowing visitors an experiential visit. MAIO’s design presents modular rooms that can be compressed or expanded as required by the exhibition narrative of each collection on display. Along with unique flooring and walls, one of the most distinctive elements of this project is its ceilings, with their unusual shapes and variable geometries that help to shape the particular character of each room and transmit their distinctive atmosphere.
At Pavilion 22 Workplace 3.0 the same exhibition system takes on an entirely different meaning in terms of both shape and materials. The stand looks like a play of shadows and transparencies that enhances the continuity of space, thanks to the coating made of a translucent material which helps to increase the perception of space.
Products Preview
Arcos, designed by Lievore Altherr
Arcos_photo credits @Marco Covi

Arcos_photo credits @Marco Covi

A classical form, repeated. The Arcos collection is a restrained interpretation of Art Deco’s geometric glamor without the ornamentation. Though lightweight and quiet, Arcos maintains a graphic presence due to its signature cast aluminum armrests that form twin curves evoking the elegant rhythm of archways in the corridors and walkways of classical architecture. The Arcos collection mirrors its classical source of inspiration in both form and context.
Designed with public spaces in mind, the collection features a chair, lounge chair and sofa, all with armrests to accommodate lounge, dining, and waiting room settings. Arcos is designed to be in dialogue with Steeve, Parentesit and Cross to create comfortable environments for rest, relaxation and socializing. Special care was dedicated to the color customizations with the possibility to create a monochrome of velvet-like, inky hues in both upholstery and matte lacquer metal for an expression that signals understated expression.
Further new features and products will be presented in Arper’s two exhibition spaces.
Milan Fairgrounds, Rho
from 4 to 9 April 2017
Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2017 Pavilion 16 Stand C29 D30
Workplace3.0 / SaloneUfficio 2017 Pavilion 22 Stand D20 D24

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