TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne

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13/01/2014 - TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne 2014 which is taking place between 13 and 19 January 2014. Dowel lounge armchair, Delta coffee table in three different sizes, Goofy and Diner bench sets and Malmö table. They are going to be displayed in the hall 11.1, stand C41.
Dowel lounge armchair attracts by its distinctive, comfortable upholstering underlined by round shapes. It was designed by Lime studio for TON. “We found inspiration while travelling in India, where we noticed bent parts of beds, typical for most of the households. This item helped to create the first draft of the lounge chair. It all resulted in exposed construction details, straps that hold the upholstering, a natural choice of materials and a very comfortable form,” revealed one of the designers, Panos Vasiliou. Besides using Dowel in various lobbies, chill out areas, or cafés it can be also placed as a solitaire.
Another of the new releases was designed by Kai Stania, an Austrian designer. It comprises of a set of three elegant coffee tables, Delta coffee. Because of their dissimilar size and minimalist design that corresponds with Delta dining table they can be used both separately or mutually combined. They are produced from massive beech and oak.
Kai Stania also designed an innovation called Diner. Modular bench system with its fine design suits to households as well as to public premises. “It is a modern, but at the same time a cosy interpretation of a wooden bench,” describes the designer. The wooden construction is formed by fine contours, the upholstering provides comfort. Diner can be formed in three different heights and two corner styles.
The playful design of Goofy bench with a number of differently sized segments and rests enables to create a classic seating unit by the wall as easily as a closed relaxation area in an open space. Goofy is used everywhere you want to create a good atmosphere. “This product evolved from the wish of breaking through the classic proportions of seating units (benches), which look very stocky. I achieved it by playing with their shapes,” described the designer Sam Sannia. Due to his conception, the bench looks more like a sofa.
Malmö table by Slovak designer Michal Riabic is built on principles of Scandinavian design. It works with fine lines with an emphasis on detail and function. Obliquely placed legs hold a massive plate that is offered in several sizes. It is appropriately complemented by a chair of the same name.
Also other design models can be seen at the stand. Delta table, a chair, an armchair and a lounge armchair called Moritz, Tee coat hanger, Malmö chair and Tram. It is the all wooden cantilever Mojo and Tram chair, which connect bent beech parts with a shaped seat that gained the title of Good Design 2013.
TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne 2

TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne 3

TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne 4

TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne 5

TON is introducing five new releases at IMM Cologne 6

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