Tr3nd by Ergon

The collection where concrete, wood and majolica meet in a blend of style and originality

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Tr3nd by Ergon
08/03/2017 - Matter, with its countless versions and ability to create a unique visual experience, is the predominant factor of Tr3nd, the new collection from Ergon, an Emilgroup brand.

It is a project conceived to delight the most demanding architects, with a combination of concrete+wood+majolica, in a perfect blend of style and originality. The tactile elegance of concrete and the sobriety of natural wood meet the shine and tactile richness of majolica, forming a collection able to give both formal and functional expression to elegance and good taste, using an infinity of possible combinations and beautiful variations.

Tr3nd is a very versatile project with the potential for extraordinary combinations thanks to an assortment of 8 shades, 4 warm and 4 cold, to free up architects' imagination and generate trend-setting combinations, ideal for designing large and small surfaces. The collection's unique, original character is augmented by the option of three-dimensionality and the fact that the patterning is never repeated over at least 10 square metres of product.

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