Un_Limited Editions by Studio Job

Seletti's first incursion in the upholstered world

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Un_Limited Editions by Studio Job
27/03/2017 - Seletti is known for its innovation and originality. These concepts are also the core of Studio Job in exploring the limitations between the design and art world. Studio Job and Seletti decided to create a new design project, wherein there is no room for limitations or limits of whatever nature. Is it art? Is it design? Or is it a sofa? That's UN_LIMITED EDITIONS.

UN_LIMITED EDITIONS is the new design project mixing the exclusiveness of the art world of Studio Job and the accessible soul of Seletti. Milan Design Week 2017 is the occasion to present this new collaboration between two creative masters, born with the goal to create accessibility and mix art through design. Like in fashion, Haute Couture is in general not affordable for most, so Ready-To-Wear is created. Milan Design Week 2017 is the time to present Ready-To-Love UN_LIMITED EDITIONS by Studio Job.
UN_LIMITED EDITIONS presents two new projects, which are Seletti's first incursion in the upholstered world – namely a sofa and an armchair – as well as the reinterpretation of two lamps, which, in their art series, have become some of the symbols of Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel's philosophy. 

Stefano Seletti, art director of the brand, comments: “There is nothing more liberating for a brand like Seletti than taking some precious art objects and transforming them in something accessible to all. It was a challenge for us to take the most interesting art producers in the design world and conceive with them a collection which sprouts the exclusivity of art and preserves accessibility. Job and Nynke were on board from the very first moment in this crazy adventure. Our goal is to let these new objects invade houses all around the world”.

The Hot Dog and the Hamburger - global icons of Pop food – are transformed into actual furniture and form the “Fast Food Furniture” collection: the open hot dog bun is the actual structure of the sofa and it hosts an upholstered sausage acting as a beck cushion; likewise, the hamburger bun features a seat in the shape of a hamburger, a pickled cucumber as armrest and a slice of tomato as back cushion.

These flashy new pieces, clearly inspired by the pop-side of the American culture, are paired with two special projects, which are the symbol of how precious limited editions can become affordable.

The famous Banana Lamp and the Tiffany Tree, thanks to this new collaboration between Seletti and Studio Job, are transformed in something equally precious in terms of design but at the same time democratically accessible to many more users. 

Job Smeets: “We went banana’s on Fast Food Furniture”

From 4th to 9th of April
Seletti flagship store
Milan, corso Garibaldi 117

Seletti on ARCHIPRODUCTSUn_Limited Editions by Studio Job

Un_Limited Editions by Studio Job

Un_Limited Editions by Studio Job

Un_Limited Editions by Studio Job

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