Unlimited Design: Not Only Products

Isola Design District for experimentation of different knowledge and disciplines

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Unlimited Design: Not Only Products
15/03/2019 - The Isola district presents itself again as a place of discoveries at Fuorisalone, from the 9th to the 15th of April, with the third edition of Isola Design District. The objective is to establish the event as a community of emerging designers and students, Italians and international, with a focus on innovation and research, opening at the same time local workshops and businesses that distinguish themselves through artistry and the development of new materials.

The theme of this year, Unlimited Design, comes as a provocation. The goal is clear: celebrate design in all of its forms. «We want the locations in the Isola district, during Milan Design Week, to be always more open to experimentation and the contamination of different knowledge and disciplines. – Explains Gabriele Cavallaro, co-founder of Blank and project manager of the event – We want to push the product and its function, continuing the course that has characterized the event from the first edition».

The 2019 Design Week sees a widespread presence in the heart of the Fuorisalone of the technologies born out of 3M™ Science. The news is that 3M Fasara™ and the latest 3M innovation DI-NOC™ Glass will be featured for the first time at Isola Design District, together with the other 3M Architectural Markets solutions: 3M Architectural Finishes and 3M Windows Films. 3M will be, in fact, the main partner of the event and the protagonist of Stecca 3.0 presenting also a suggestive installation by the architect Paola Silvia Coronel, Global Consultant of 3M, and by Byron Trotter, Product Development Specialist of 3M. The window behind it will become a drawing sheet featuring all the 3M finishes. Snake – Campidarte

Snake – Campidarte

The location in Via de Castillia 26 will host a true and proper Design Village, showcasing, amongst others, the project Hartwerp by the Belgian designer Lien Van Deuren, a collection of urban furniture characterised by the possibility of integrating, what she calls installations or sculptures, the modular chair Snake, made by Campidarte giving a new life to the boxes used to transport eggs, united by a rope that goes through the entire body of the pieces allowing it to change the shape. Stauper of Gard Hagen and Jonas Carlsen, the first the world’s first and only bio-fiber composite daybed, which will be curated by StudentDesign, a platform that promotes the work of students and young designers from all over the world.

Always at Stecca 3.0, visitors will be able to taste drinks from the first 3D printed bar with a robotic arm system included. The project called 3D Printed Bar it’s done by Caracol Studio. Always with a big emphasis on the sustainability of the production process, the entire bar will be done with biopolymers coming entirely from natural sources, with zero impact on the environment and 100% biodegradable. It will all be illuminated by the Superloop lamps of Delta Light.

The poufs and chairs by LOOM will furnish the area around Stecca, meanwhile on the inside will be a project done in collaboration with ENEA, (National Office for Alternative Energy), made with organic plant material, derived from the recovery of marine biomass stranded in the sign of eco- sustainable production processes. Caracol Studio - 3D Printed Bar1

Caracol Studio - 3D Printed Bar1

The location will also host daily events, during day and night, starting with Unlimited Design Talks; six days of lectures, talks and workshops organised by The District - the first online platform dedicated to designers, aiming to facilitate the research of collaborators and opportunities in the creative field - tackling different themes and areas related to design, like digital manufacturing, illustration, motion animation and products. During the nighttime, instead it will be filled with entertainment events curated by Nicola and Giulio Nicoletti from 24 PR & Events, in collaboration with Eat Urban, a street food and electronic music festival, that will bring the best musical crew in Milan. Among the sponsors there will be Nastro Azzurro, which for years has been supporting the generation of young people who look to the future with curiosity and innovative ability, the Moving Forward Generation.

Right next to Stecca 3.0, in Via De Castillia 24, there’ll be Ca’ Ventiquattro, the architectural project curated by Roberta Borrelli from MAKEYOURHOME; an old apartment in a typical Milanese building will be transformed to gift the visitors a unique hospitality experience, bringing the final user to be a promoter of the space without even knowing it. Through a contest, young designers will have the opportunity to create a project themselves, furnishing a real apartment. All this thanks to the collaboration of Hiro, an Italian company that makes reality the ideas of emerging brands. Loom


From Sydney to Milan, the Australian DesignByThem chooses Isola for their first time presenting in Europe. The wonderful residence for artists VIAFARINI, in Via Farini 35, will be transformed into a design playground, thanks to the more than 30 pieces of furniture made and signed by the company and the new collection DL Seating, made by the founder Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis in collaboration with Dion Lee, that creates a fusion between industrial design and fashion.

In the space Key Gallery in via Borsieri 12, Fioroni will present their collection of products designed by Italian and Swiss architects and designers, amongst them act_romegialli, CCRZ, Studio Guscetti, Pasquini Tranfa architects. A collection of contemporary design, sometimes interpreting deep traditions, translated in simple shapes of refined proportions. DesignByThem


Also Galleria Giovanni Bonelli Gallery opens the doors of its space to the world of design, hosting the installations of the designer Alessandro Zambelli, who will present the Motusorbitas project. 50 years after the moon landing, visitors will be transported to space, discovering a universe of satellite sculptures in orbital motionlike celestial bodies. The objects will glow with moonlight thanks to the presence of special oled panels and, through hidden mechanical devices, will dance in space almost in the absence of gravity. fioroni_KREFELD


Another new entry, Studio Apeiron, will show, in a location in via Pepe 36, their new line of eco friendly experimental furniture, based on their studies about natural systems and #affortable, a series of tables for rent at the cost of just 1 euro per day; this is based on an international trend that is revolutionising the furniture market worldwide, destined to be a true trend also in Italy.

Always at the location at via Pepe 36, but facing the street, the former workshop of Caterina von Weis will host the German studios Kumi Mood, of Cäcilia Holtgreve and Benno Sattler, and STUDIO OINK, of Lea Korzeczek and Mathias Hiller. The former mixes handicraft and art in design objects filled with joy and very atmospheric. The latter develops high quality interiors for public and private spaces, maintaining always a balance between poetry and function, between simplicity and playfulness. April Key

April Key

At the former paper factory in via Cola Montano 8, the English designer based in Istanbul, April Key will present her first lighting collection Ocean Drive, a fusion between Art Deco architecture, lighting and sculptures. The exhibition will host ten of her pieces that are made out of laser cut plexiglass, while the neon pieces are handcrafted by Turkish artisans. A fusion between Art Deco, lighting and sculpture, combined with a gorgeous photography exhibition that was the inspiration for the project.

At via Confalonieri 11, you will “play”, thanks to the project presented by FRATTINIFRILLI, in which the interaction between consumer and product is essential. A continuous building, assembling, and disassembling to obtain new shapes and forms based on the new aesthetically relevant needs.

In the same courtyard, inside DotBox, you will find the works of Ward Wijnat, a Dutch designer from the Eindhoven Design Academy, which will surprise the visitors with unexpected wooden works designed to enhance them like never before.

The interiors of Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, offers an itinerary of experimental works between Enzo Satoru Tabata and Daiken Eiji Suzuki from Japan (which work together at TEAM BALANCO), the hanging installations from Jukai (Marta Fumigalli e Riccardo Piovano) and the enveloping and immersive sculptures from Barbara Crimella.

In the RivaViva showroom in Via Lambertenghi 18, the protagonist will be the furniture with a high ecological-health focus, that enrich the new collection of unique pieces inspired by ‘urban maps’ from the artist Maurizio Nazzaretto, that become talking tables.

Also in via Lambertenghi, but at number 20 at Spazio BK, the KNOT project by Sanne Visser will be on display, studying the potential use of human hair as a sustainable solution for the fishing gear industry.

Not far from there, in honour to the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus, Myriam Kuehne Rauner will dedicate her new works in limited edition in the characteristic Bauhaus style. The works will be exhibited in her gallery at via Angelo della Pergola 1. But not just that, also for the first time, The Nordic Design Apartment, will open its doors to visitors. A project that joins the excellence of the Scandinavian design, made together with Jutta Yla-Mononen, that for the occasion will present a piece made out of glass and the book “Inspire Me!”, dedicated to 25 Finnish designers.

From Northern Europe arrive two design academies. From the Denmark a group of masters students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture, Design and Conservation (KADAK) they will exhibit at Spazio Gamma in Via Pastrengo 7 DIFFERENT BODIES, an exhibition focused on bringing awareness about design for disabilities, the visitors will interact with the installation stimulating their own senses and emotions, bringing them closer to this important theme. The objective is to create a conversation around the standards of design, underlining the beauty of different bodies.
In the Studio Vundes of Via Confalonieri 11 will exhibit KUURA, the exhibition organised by the students of the University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design, which aims at investigating the relation between the artic environment and a sustainable lifestyle.

The Italian-German Chamber of Commerce - sponsor of the event - will be present at Isola Design District for the second consecutive year with a glass exhibition container in which a cosy livingroom for the German Design Corner project will be recreated.

In the new location of ZetaLab, in Via Cola Montano 2, will be Closed Circuit, an installation that was born out the collaboration between Marco Williams Fagioli (designer), Sweza (urban artist) and Deniz Khan (musician). The project is translated into experimental languages that investigate the mysteries of one of the most important symbols, the circle, integrating light, video and sounds.

Great news for this year will be the use of Augmented Reality, the visitors will have the possibility of interacting with the many activities and products in exhibition, going beyond the physical medium. Downloading the app Aria the AR platform, from creative studio Alkanoids, will be able to access dozens of exclusive videos and animations, with the sole use of their smartphone. FrattiniFrilli


One of the locations where you will find more content in augmented reality will be that of Milan Design Market, in via Pastrengo 14. Among the novelties of the fourth edition, the artistic director Elif Resitoglu, co-founder of Blank, has anticipated that an area of the location, set up in collaboration with Lamitex, will be dedicated to products made with experimental materials and that the theme, Find The Lost City, is given by the scenography designed by the French architects Marie Chevalier and Colombe Crouan, created by AMBIENTHA, the new online shop wallpapers for interior design. The settings have been inspired by the melancholy of lost Italy and have a very deep meaning: the project was conceived as a proposal of modern architecture for the relocation of the victims of the earthquake of Amatrice, who put hundreds of people on the streets. Milan Paper Buildings_Milan Icons_Ornella Corradini

Milan Paper Buildings_Milan Icons_Ornella Corradini

Among the works on display, the Midas collection by Nataly Rodriguez Design Studio, whose material has an organic background that comes from pineapple, is absolutely not to be missed; the Fraction Design Studio furniture line, led by designer Celine Nge and who comes directly from Singapore, characterized by creative and unconventional explorations, embracing all possible disciplines; the Campidarte project, by Giorgio Deplano, whose aim is to create furniture products with a modern and colorful style, which only reveal a more careful look at their composition, given by the reuse of abandoned industrial materials and components. Milan Design Market _ Fraction Design Studio

Milan Design Market _ Fraction Design Studio

Visitors will be attracted by dozens of exhibitors from all over the world, such as Maison Deux and Charis Stephanie from Holland, Risch & Grass from Switzerland, Kauch from Slovenia, Ege Miray Kaman from Turkey, Teodora Jevtic from Serbia Ceramic Studio 1300 from Georgia, Stobe from Finland, Nunzia Ponsillo Design Studio from San Marino, Reisinger Studio from Spain, with its installation Complicated Sofa, in addition to the Italians among which the name of Ciro Bergonzi stands out. Milan Design Market _Campidarte

Milan Design Market _Campidarte

Also here, neubau eyewear, will present the new collection Walter & Wassily, in homage to the founder of the Bauhaus movement and the painter Wassily Kandinsky, and NIO Cocktails, will propose, in its tasting kits, cocktails prepared by professional mixologists, ready to shake and pour in the glass. Both brands are sponsors of both Milan Design Market and Isola Design District.

Confirm also the exhibition of two other design collectives from the past edition; the Belgian Brut, that will present the exhibition Bodem at Spazio Maraniello, in Via Stelvio 66; and the group Designland with the support of ADI Sicilia, in the space at Atelier Kondakji, at Via Civerchio 2.

The presence of local craftsmen is also strong this year, among which stands out the name of Pietro Algranti, who in his Algranti LAB presents unique customized projects: the I Grandi and I Piccoli collections, furniture and furnishing objects of different sizes and recycled materials such as wood, iron, aluminium, copper, brass and many others.

Eco-design and art will be the theme proposed by Green Island, in collaboration with Isola Design District and Vivai Giorgio Tesi Group, for the project Leonardo’s Garden and the Mind’s Garden.
The first, an homage to Leonardo Da Vinci on the 500 anniversary of the passing of the grand Maestro. It’s a public route ideated by Claudia Zanfi and Andrea Liberni, in which botanics, architecture, eco-design and nature fuse together in a never seen before project that transform the Isola district in an art garden, with entirely natural materials, set up in the area of Stecca 3.0. The latter is an installation by the artistic direction of the designer Michele Fabbricatore, developed for a public space, with a height of 4 mt, all done with the use of wood and surrounded by a mediterranean garden.

Like every year, the Opening Day its set for Tuesday, with events in all the main locations of the district.Milan Design Market – Maison Deux

Milan Design Market – Maison Deux

Milan Design Market_Reisinger Andres_photo Javier Agusti´n Rojas

Milan Design Market_Reisinger Andres_photo Javier Agusti´n Rojas



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