Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O

Objects to live with

01/08/2014  - La Subtile design house thinks of itself as an industrial creative workshop. The group has given rise to their first collection of smart furniture. Objects to live with.
The designer Benjamin Lemarié, digital designer Frédéric Haminouche the engineer Alexandre Frênel and specialist in innovation management Antoine Baubau all have a common cause. To combine their complementary skills to implement new forms of daily well-being.

La Subtile is as “an industrial creative workshop.” A Breton collective practice with a “co-creation iterative.” The objective? “To enter the world of today and tomorrow by combining creativity and productivity into the industrial universe.” For Antoine Baubau, creating the brand “reflects a desire to honor industry by correlating it with creation and production. Industrial and aesthetics are involved in the design and implementation of objects that provide an outstanding user experience. This is the heart of our concerns.”

Products reflect this requirement to combine practicality and aesthetics. The Pupitre can be used as office or bench. “It is a central island where life invites interaction and sharing.” The Tabouret can be assembled with others to give imagination flight through modularity. Common to both projects are clean shapes. Objects adapt to different stages of their life cycle.
Optimistic, they have also expressed their “desire to participate in a new dynamic” that is rooted in the territory. “We went to industrial partners in the region of Rennes and Fougeres to find competitive solutions to ensure the accessibility of our creations,” claims the Breton Antoine Baubau. After this initial burst of metal and wood, the group intends to continue their quest of modern comfort completing their collection with chairs, tables, lamps and expanding their color gamut. To find and to follow.
Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O 2

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O 3

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O 4

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O 5

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O 6

Variable geometry of La Subtile at M&O 7

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