Velux Presents 'Build for Life'

A digital, multidisciplinary, pioneering event that brings together architects, engineers and professionals to discuss the future of design. From November 15-17

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15/10/2021 - Can building design create well-being for people and the planet? Build for Life, the digital event promoted and organised by the VELUX Group, brings together architects, engineers, builders, researchers, activists and other professionals. Free and open to all from November 15 - 17, the 2021 Build for Life Conference will feature more than 90 international speakers live from Copenhagen to discuss the impact buildings can have on the environment and the quality of life of people.

Build for Life 2021 will also host the 9th VELUX Daylight Symposium, a biennial conference dedicated to the role of daylight in the design of healthier and more resilient buildings.

Join the discussion on the future of architecture! Register now at this link: https://www.velux.it/professionisti/progettisti/searchingfordaylight-iscrizione

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The inaugural conference will bring together industry professionals and opinion leaders on the Compass Stage and the Daylight Symposium Stage. Speakers will reflect upon today's design challenges, including the affordability of buildings, their modularity and quality, their impact on the environment, local communities, and people's health and well-being.

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Build for life: Compass Stage_ moderator: Anne Cortzen
Can buildings adapt to change? How can design contribute to environmental regeneration? Can design support local cultural contexts? The Compass Stage will explore questions like these. Moderated by Danish architect and TV host Ane Cortzen, the stage will feature several international speakers, including the Italian architectural firm Stifter & Bachmann and Austrian architect Juri Troy. There are seven main topics regarding the central challenges faced by the construction world: Modularity, Quality, Environment, Health, Community, Accessibility, Local Communities.

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Build for life: Daylight Symposium Stage_moderator: Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg
The second stage will connect designers with more than 40 researchers and leaders who study daylight and its applications. Since 2005, the Daylight Symposium has investigated the potential of natural light as a building material and as a means of creating healthy and resilient buildings. Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, an American architectural researcher and lecturer, will moderate the symposium.

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The Daylight Symposium programme will also include an online Academic Forum, now in its sixth year. It is an opportunity for PhD candidates and students to meet with professionals, present their work on natural light and gather valuable feedback.

Join the debate on the future of architecture! Register now at this link: https://www.velux.it/professionisti/progettisti/searchingfordaylight-iscrizione

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