Versatile, Comfortable Seating Solutions

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Versatile, Comfortable Seating Solutions
08/02/2019 - Inno is presenting its latest novelties during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019. New products include Lab XL Sofa, Bondo Round and Tilt meeting chair with a different base option. The new Play sofa system, Lab XL family, In-tensive and Basso are exhibited, as well as selected accessories. 

LAB XL design Harri Korhonen
Lab XL consists of generous and comfortable chairs in two heights, a rocking chair version and benches. The two-seater sofa is a natural extension to the internationally recognized GOOD DESIGN™ 2017 Awarded Lab XL family. LabXL by Inno

LabXL by Inno

BONDO design Harri Korhonen
The Bondo table range is updated to include a round tabletop shape. The light structure, beveled tabletop edge and soft shape create an aerial impression. The tables overlap each other slightly which allows for organic layouts. The table is available in different sizes including a small side table to be used as a laptop or writing table in groups that consists of sofas and armchairs. The low Bondo coffee tables are also available with wooden legs. Bondo by Inno

Bondo by Inno

TILT design Juha Rista
Tilt YXL is a meeting chair with a 5-star crossleg, castors, height adjustment mechanism and an optional swing. The inspiration for the Tilt chair originates from the car modeling world of the 50s. The streamlined shapes and the variety of arches create a seamless whole. The seat of the Tilt chair comprises of two parts. The facet in the armrests and the structure that goes around the chair makes this product unique. Tilt by Inno

Tilt by Inno

BASSO design Harri Korhonen
A streamlined chair with remarkable sitting comfort, Basso is a distinguished family of meeting chairs. Basso creates discreet reliability and even playful ambiance particularly in meeting rooms. It has a lumbar support embedded in the streamlined profile. Several seat, base and armrest options. Basso by Inno

Basso by Inno

PLAY design Vertti Kivi
Play is a modular sofa that consists of four different seat elements (A1-4), two backrests (C1-2), two armrests (B1-2) and loose pillows (D1). The seat elements are free standing units where the backrest and the armrest is attached to form different compositions. An optional connector is also available for grouping the free standing units together. Optional electrification in armrest (the sliding lid reveals a power socket and a USB charger).

Inno on ArchiproductsPlay by Inno

Play by Inno

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